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Deck 108 Hassium Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Title: Deck 108 Hassium Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review ( -at -) NikKTech






Description: As far back as i can remember I've always used regular sized

101-109 key keyboards not because that was my preference but because there

wasn't anything else in the market to choose from. As a matter of fact it's

only been a while since we've seen quite a few manufacturers offer keyboards

that either lack the numeric keypad, are modular and thus can be arranged

according to what the user thinks is best for him or have the keys placed

differently. A few weeks ago with us we had the latest mechanical keyboard

from Deck Keyboards called the 87 Francium Pro which is basically a somewhat

compact keyboard due to the fact that it lacks the numeric keyboard entirely

and thus only offers 87 keys. Deck however didn't forget all of you who are

used to using regular sized keyboards and so they also released the brand

new 1080 Hassium Pro a full-size mechanical gaming keyboard with a total of

108 keys.






Article Link:








Image Link:










A News Post Would Be Appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.





Nik Kastrantas





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