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Adata PV100 4200mAh USB Battery Review

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Adata PV100 4200mAh USB Battery Review


Modern day smartphones are awesome, we can use them to make phone

calls (although fewer people do these days), text message, use a wide

range of apps, play games, browse the internet, check out emails or

most importantly, share cat memes with each other. It doesn't matter

how you use your phone, truth is we're all using them more and more.

Our mobile devices are getting more and more powerful each year, while

also becoming more and more energy-efficient, but the issue remains

that our battery life is rarely enough to get us through a full day of

wasting time on our favourite device.


There is of course a solution to our power needs and that is mobile

recharging devices such as the Adata PV100 that I will be taking a

quick look at today. These small devices come in all shapes and sizes,

but more often than not they'll feature a rechargeable internal

battery and a USB port for connecting your device. Plug them into your

phone, tablet or similar device and you'll be able to recharge on the

go, handy for those times you're nowhere near a plug socket, or don't

have time to stop and charge.


URL - http://www.eteknix.com/adata-pv100-4200mah-usb-battery-review/






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