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Linksys WRT1900AC Dual-Band Wireless Router Review

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Linksys WRT1900AC Dual-Band Wireless Router Review


Over the last few years there have been many products that have come

to market that have had the ability to grab our attention for one

reason or another. In some instances this has been due to the new

technologies and levels of performance that they bring or in other

instances it may have been a radical design that changes the way in

which we look at type of product. The product that we're looking at

today though has me buzzing in a completely different way and one

which I doubt will happen again any time soon.


Linksys' WRT1900AC is a router that, as anyone into their networking

would know, is built on the legacy of the WRT54G, which came to market

back in December 2003 and it's range of substrates that followed,

including the WRT54GS. Of all the features that made the original WRT

so unique and legendary, the Open-source platform and performance for

the time were the two biggest selling points. To show how successful

this router was and believe it or not, still is, the WRT54G and GS

have been used for so many applications aside residential network

applications, with open-source firmware playing a major part in these

unique applications.


As the years have moved on and the world of networking advanced

considerably, the WRT range has slowly started to drop in numbers as

802.11n and more recently 802.11ac wireless connectivity and also the

5GHz band have become the new industry standard along with Gigabit LAN

on the wired side of the network. Following their acquisition by

Belkin, Linksys have been looking at ways in which they can bring the

brand back into the front line, alongside the likes of Netgear who are

one of today's industry leaders, and the choice was made last year to

rekindle the essence of what was then their most iconic product –

the result of months of work sees us looking at what could quite

possibly be another iconic product and for anyone who is into their

networking, this is a very exciting product to see launched.


Keeping some of the bold lines and colours and translating them into

a 2014 design, the WRT1900AC retains the blue and black plastic body

and the desktop orientation what the original WRT featured and inside

Linksys have packed in a 1.2GHz dual-core ARM processor, 256MB of RAM

and 128MB flash memory, dual-band wireless with speeds of up to

600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 1300Mbps on the 5GHz band on offer,

with a unique 4×4 external antenna array, which work with the latest

beamforming technology to deliver fast and precisely directed wireless

connections to any part of the home, with the aim to deliver faster

and stronger wireless connections than any other router on the market.

It's certainly a tall order and an ambitious claim to make, but if

Linksys have done their homework right and kept hold of the WRT magic

that we saw years ago, this could quite possibly be one of the

greatest routers that we have seen to date; so the pressure really is











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