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I have version 9.2

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That's why I said "similar to." The gui is a little different, and you can resize ntfs and fat32 partitions with MDK 9.1 and 9.2, but essentially the partitioning tool is the same. I'm not able to find a picture of 9.2 in action, but what you will wind up with is much like the picture of 8.1. (visually).

Realistically, what you're trying to do is not easy to pull off the first time you try it. That's because you, (as I was) are completely unfamiliar with how the partitioning tool works. You can start the Mdk install and get to the point of partitioning to see what things are like. It took me several tries to get it right, and I had to reinstall Windows 98 a couple of times. That's why I say "..back up your files." If you start using the resizing and partitioning tool in Mdk, and you make a mistake, it will allow you to undo what has been done. Just take your time with it! Don't get in a rush, and make absolutely sure you know you've got things set up right before continuing..


Click on the Windows partition. Resize it to half your hd.

Then click on the blank space you've created and make a /

partition. Then click on the empty space left and make a swap, then click on the remaining space and make it /home. If I'm remembering correctly, your swap space should be 3 times the size of your ram. What you wind up with should visually look very similar to the picture I showed you...

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