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XFX R9 280 Double Dissipation Black Edition OC 3GB Graphics Card Review

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XFX R9 280 Double Dissipation Black Edition OC 3GB Graphics Card



The AMD HD 7950 was probably the best GPU of the entire HD 7000

series in my honest opinion. It offered stellar value for money for

high performance gaming – often overclocking to HD 7970 levels for a

much lower price. The HD 7950′s popularity then got the better of it

as the card soared to mining fame being the GPU of choice for miners

all over the world. The price of HD 7950s went through the roof before

stock eventually ran out and people had to start turning to new and

current alternatives like the R9 280X. However, the HD 7950 is back

with a bang. Given the logical name of the R9 280 it carries the great

features we grew to love on the HD 7950 but with a higher clock speed

and slightly lower price than the R9 280X. Today we have with us a

rather [censored]y looking R9 280 courtesy of XFX. We have with us the XFX R9

280 Double Dissipation Black Edition OC graphics card (R9-280A-TDBD


) which is XFX's cherry picked line. It features their dual 90mm fan

cooler, has an overclocked frequency and has fully unlocked voltages

on the core and memory for overclocking.









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