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Silverstone NB04 Notebook Cooler Review

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Silverstone NB04 Notebook Cooler Review


Notebook coolers are a product that I know end users don't often get

excited about, and that is pretty understandable given that they serve

a more practical purpose, rather than a function that you can enjoy.

They do however provide a vital role when it comes to mobile computing

and with more and more people using an ultra book, gaming notebook or

similar style system as their main computer, there are one or two

shortfalls that need to be navigated to fully enjoy them.


When you're out and about, your system is in a low power state and

you're just doing some web browsing, then things are typically nice

and cool inside your system, it doesn't have to work too hard. When

you're at home with your rig, or perhaps you have a high-end laptop

instead of a desktop that you only use at home or in the office, then

there is a good chance that you'll be running it from mains power,

with all the settings dialled up to 11, playing games and plenty of

other high-end tasks, this is when your system starts to break a

sweat. Having some extra cooling under your system can have a massive

impact on the overall system temperature and lower temps can often

translate to better performance, as well as improve the lifespan of

various components. Let's not forget noise, laptop fans are often

small with ultra high RPM, so offloading much of the work to a larger

and quieter fan in a notebook cooler can bring benefits to your ears



The NB04 doesn't sound especially cheap £28 for the black and £33

for the silver coloured model from Scan.co.uk, and it is about 20%

more expensive than many competing products so it will be interesting

to see what it has to offer to help justify the extra investment.

Taking a look at the specifications below gives me an impression that

much of the cost is due to the aluminium construction, as many

competing brands often favour a plastic chassis design. The cooler

includes a single 200mm fan that can run up to 800 RPM.


URL - http://www.eteknix.com/silverstone-nb04-notebook-cooler-review/






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