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  1. CD Labels

    Greetings, SuSE : kover Farewell
  2. Send File in Icq

    Greetings, First of all , try to give a clear background, Be more specific , you cant send file(s) through icq (( icq (win) | (gaim/licq/kopete (linux) ))) () If you cant send from win it could be the firewall , for linux also.No clue,just give more information Plus from where from / to ... ? win <-> linux or in general ? Farewell
  3. i can't get pings :(

    Greetings, Don't mention "pings" , just say you need to configure your LAN instead of that while you state your problem Now, You also want to share InternetConnection/n' serious stuff or just to configure succesfully your LAN ? If yes , ( you said winXP/linux and viceversa ? ) Try to configure your Ethernet card , via DHCP on linux (You know ip static or auto via DHCP | (((Host/Domain)NAME)/DNS) ) Or viceversa via DHCP on win and see where you go from there | domainname | dnsdomainname | nodename | hostname | or whatever to make sure everything's in order Farewell
  4. How can I share folders in LAN by Linux?

    Greetings, Configure LAN/FWall/shared folders n' stuff () Note that you have to be cautious if you want to R/W while under linux to another partition ( better let that R/O(it IS possible but not recommended) ) |su root | mount -t smbfs -o username=TheUserName | (prompt for passwd will appear after that ( if necessary )) | //ComputerName/SharedFolder /mnt/TheMountPoint As for within XSession ( try with konqueror or whatever ) | smb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ | Hope that's what you wanted Farewell
  5. I need a hard drive expert!

    Greetings, You're welcome , Don't mention it,anytime PS I'm sorry 'bout your hdd | What can i say ? @ happens,not only to you but to everyone.I hope you didnt lost any important files (that's what matters) Feel free to state any other problems at all.We all here for you Farewell
  6. ScummVM

    Greetings, For who wants to play once again some very old but decent games Pay a visit : http://www.scummvm.org/ Farewell
  7. I need a hard drive expert!

    Greetings, What you wanna hear ? The truth or something sweet ? If you want the sweet : Check your disk , otherwise : here it goes : I think your drive's about to go ... (As you said , you've already checkd within the bios/cables/IDE) So... () It could be something that has to do with DMA though , i dont know for sure , su root | hdparm -d /dev/hdb1 ( hdb1 aint that one ? ) Check the DMA mode also , ( man hdparm ) Farewel
  8. ACPI/3D

    Greetings, SuSE9.0Pro I've noticed that while rcacpid status : running , Within /etc/X11/XF86Config , within section Mod , there's no Load "dri" , so every time i try to enable 3D , i can get 3D to work succesfuly , but then something's wrong , as a *conflict* and the LID e/o BUTTON aint working no more. So , when 3D==enabled LID/BUTTON==OFF and viceversa , when 3D==disabled LID/BUTTON==ALLRIGHT I've also noticed that only battery's okay,so , ac/battery/thermal/processor seems to not bother with that dri ... Any ideas ? I'll try to deal with it but i dont know from where to start Farewell
  9. plz big problem

    Greetings, I dont think that he/she did something in order to ovveride /etc/inittab | ::3/::5 , The only thing that may did that and instead of X you get console is an updated XFree so it messed up with the config files Farewell
  10. Greetings, Right click on your clock Then Date&Time format ( within the time&dates ) and switch the time format to pH:MM:SS AMPM Farewell
  11. xine multi region de coding?

    Greetings, Almost all the dvd/dvdrw are region free nowadays Some of em arent so the only way is the firmware My combo fortunately in my laptop is region free also You're lucky too Farewell
  12. Frozen Bubble

    Greetings, I don't have any problems with Frozen-Bubble,i just when i did that post i couldnt find any SuSE rpms cause there wasnt any that time I appreciate your concern though Take care
  13. Software probems

    Greetings, Very true , If you want to play games get a psx or have another desktop/laptop with windows ( or dual boot ) installed in order to play games And keep linux for the use you want , I think of linux under development and i dont think that we will get great perfomance in games at least same or better than windows ( quake3 btw rocks in linux & frozen bubble rules ) In other words, windows=game ( cause you have everything with an OK button ) you watch some dvds , you play a game , chat on the irc etc and you just waste your time,so windows is waste of time for me linux=OS,in sense that in order to go well with it you'll need some *universal knowledge* i can state it ? With linux you dont waste your time while you do with windows,at least if you waste it you learn more n' more while with windows you were just learning few AUTO steps (Windows=Click install,next,next,...,next*(n)times and you're set , linux=next?what's that?No buddy,you need to understand how it works,you go deeper,Compile,solve Dependencies etc) () Think of the resources as well.Get a good look at how linux works and windows and you'll see what i mean,take dvdrip for example,with windows your whole system halts and that's the only job you can do while with linux only the ~10% is wasted to do so The rest i leave it to you Farewell
  14. Boot question - formatting hard drives

    Greetings, Keep in mind that if you want to work with windows as well to always have the 1st partition ( if there are 2 partitions and you have windows/linux separated in these 2 ) free in order to can easily reinstall windows w/o creating any problems In other words , linux 2nd windows 1st (partition) in the same disk Now in case you have 2 hdd's , each to an OS and no worries at all,just some configurations and you're set ( bootloader to load windows and viceversa ) Farewell
  15. Grub bootloader - Help!!

    Greetings, Before you make any permanent changes within your bootloader's conf file you can try : su root|grub|reboot when grub appears you ( with all you've heard before from the other guy) root (hd0,x) setup(hd0,x) *kernel=/boot/vmlinuz *initrd=/boot/initrd chainloader (hd0,x)+1 ( or +21 +22 ) and check if you can load windows You know,the manual way Farewell