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  1. When are you switching to WinXP?

    I must be lucky! I have had xp since beta release and currently use pro corp version. I have never had any problens at all except for some known software incompatabilites with burning software which I expected and worked around. I, too love win2k pro and adv. server too. I had less problems installing xp and configuring whichever machine I installed it upon than most win2k installs. (I am not referring to network machines, mostly home users, friends,etc). I pretty much spent a month fine tuning this os in my testbed machine with many registry edits, disabling 80% of the native services not being used or needed and disabling the page file for I have a large amount of memory and remembering to document what I did for a change.It is blazing, stability is great. I had to work at locking the os up. All in all I have no complaints. Can't wait to obtain 2002 adv. server.
  2. Virtual Memory In Xp

    I dont know if this is relavent but I did have that problem some time ago. I now have 768 Mb of sdram and I disabled executive paging to see if I would have a performance gain and it was marginal so I then completely disabled my page file = none. This can only be done if you have a considerable amount of ram. Results were that I had a major performance gain and no ill results as of the last 2 weeks.