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  1. APC PowerChute & Smart-UPS

    Did you try PowerChute Network Shutdown. http://www.apc.com/products/family/index.cfm?id=127 I didn't test it myself but I know that other ups software can shut down over the network.
  2. corrupt downloads, can't install win xp

    You can also run memtest, to test the memory.
  3. http://www.muntime.org/ -> Get data back easy recovery pro
  4. Need help with Geforece 4 MX with AGP8X

    1st don't double post. Try installing chipset drivers for your mobo. Remove all the previous drivers if you had a non ati gpu.
  5. You need a program like nero to burn your cd's. Or if you're using windows xp you can just drag and drop the files onto your cd-drive.
  6. Did you try to reinsert the card? Pull it out and insert it once again just in case if there are any bad contacts. If that doesn't help test it in another system if you can.
  7. Volcano Heatsink Fan Is So Louddddd!

    You could also try speedfan to slow down your fan, but first check if your motherboard is supported.
  8. Exactly. If you have a cd or a dvd burner also burn all the important stuff (my documents, mail, export and save any certificates...) to a cd/dvd.
  9. I would recommend installing the "new" windows xp sp2 on the new drive, because it's much faster than the old 20gig drive. Use the old 20gig drive for backup and other stuff. An older drive is more likely to fail. If you are going to install the new windows on the new drive remove the old one during the installation otherwise it will mess up your drive letters.
  10. Problem with IDE

    First, whay don't you install windows xp directly, why bother with windows 98? Can you boot from windows xp cd? Try to remove dvd writer or cdrw from the secondary ide. Check if you have secondary ide enabled in bios.
  11. Ati radeon 9700 or nvidia geforce ti4800 ?

    I would go for the 9500 if it really runs like the 9700 go for it. Also read http://www.gen-x-pc.com/ATI_9700_review.htm and keep in mind that 4600ti is not much slower than 4800ti
  12. dvd burning software

    It depends on the game. Try to google for a guide how to put your multi-cd game to a dvd. Some games won't work if you just copy all cd's to a dvd.
  13. Need Desperate help with my Radeon 9600

    You can adjust the clock with Radeonator and there are many more tools. Try google.
  14. Need Desperate help with my Radeon 9600

    Did you try the latest drivers? How hot does it get? If it's 9600xt it decreses the clock when it gets too hot.
  15. Web server on Xp

    I have apache with php installed on my windows xp, but only for testing puposes, but you could run a web server with windows xp with no problems. You can also use IIS instead of apache.