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  1. Long sotry short, I installed XP Pro to my new sata drive (Raptor) while keeping my two 60 gig pata drives in the system. Windows installed by defalt to drive e:\ on the sata drive. My system seems to see the pata drives as primary and sata as secondary. Anyway, system has been running fine. I am going to sell my good friend some parts from my current system. Mainly the two pata hard drives. I took both drives out and upon starting my system, the SATA drive is now c:\ and my system won't boot. Can I use recovery console to change the letter of my boot drive back to e:\ so I can boot up again? I can't seem to find the answers I need on the web. I can always re-install everything from scratch again, but I rather not go that route. Any idea's?
  2. Ok, long story short. I built a small linux box and run opensuse 10.0 fully updated on it. I have added to my companies network to learn various aspects of networking with linux. I am guessing that the box took over as master browser, because once it's turned on, I can't open my workgroup. All other aspects of the network work fine. I can manually type //compname/blah and see stuff, but not through Network Places. I CAN however see all system from the linux box. Where in linux do I go to stop it from taking over as master browser (if thats the case)
  3. I'll play with it a little later tonight, been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. Anyway, I did setup a RAID 0 which under linux is sda & sdb and the drive I installed FC4 on was sdc. Now where sda & sdb are in a raid 0 config and working as one drive, I think grub installed on sda only. Now I'm still new to raid, but it seems like this may be my issue. Where the two drives act as one, I'm not sure where the MBR actually is. Is it on sda AND sdb? Or maybe just on sdb? I'll dig a little deeper this weekend and post what I find. Just to double clarify, sda & sdb are in RAID 0 (Windows XP ONLY) sdc is on sata controller 1 and is where linux is installed. MBR is on the RAID 0, but not sure where physically. Can I edit my boot.ini on my C drive in windows to boot to linux or at least start grub?
  4. Quick run down. Built a new system. Started by adding two 10,000rpm raptors in a RAID 0 config. Installed XP Pro. Everything went good. Bought a 3rd raptor and installed it in Primary SATA 0 on my ASUS A8N-SLI mobo. XP see's this drive with no problem under disk management. I then went and installed FC4 on this 3rd HD. The install went great, no issues at all. When the system restarted, grub never started, the system just loaded XP Pro as it normally does. Now, I'm guessing the the bootloader didn't instal on the RAID drive(s) and thats why it's not starting. Not sure how to handle this. I'll do whatever it takes as long as I don't mess up my XP install. That can get messy with RAID at times. Do I need to change something when installing FC4? I'm not to good with Linux yet, so I thought I'd ask you folks. Any thoughts on getting GRUB to work?
  5. Anyone else tried the new Netscape 8 Beta?

    Excellent, many thanks theefool!
  6. Anyone else tried the new Netscape 8 Beta?

    Well, on my home system (3.2ghz w/ 1gig PC3200) Netscape works like a charm. But here at work on my 1 ghz cpu w/ 256mgs ram it slows down a lot. At one point it was taking 89megs of memory and using over 85-90% of the cpu. yuck The new tab features kick ass. You can have multiple tabs load as your start page, and you can control your tabs very well. (Like close all tabs from an originating website) The other key feature is that it has both the Netscape Engine and IE Engine built into it. You can set which engine you want a bookmark or tab to use! It even works with Windows Update! Anyone else tried it? It's worth a try, but Firefox is still better imo. Does firefox have an extension that allows you to load multiple tabs on startup? I really like that feature in Netscape 8 beta. - Lotus
  7. It's actually a pretty nice browser. It's options are very close to Firefox's with the addition of a few more. It has a real interesting GUI as well. It's different, but has potential to be very usefull. If anyone is interested in it, go check it out Here I was planning on installing just to check it out and remove it in a few days. Not sure now, might hang onto it for a few. Go have a look! - Lotus
  8. I was looking into this same question a while back. I ended up hearing from a devoloper who said that it does not. This was back in the .8 and .9 versions, so something may have changed in version 1.0.
  9. Agreed, I just fixed a laptop that was doing this very same thing. The new bios took care of the problem.
  10. Well, if you had no problems up until now, it sounds as though the heatsink isn't firmly in place or there was no compound used. This is just an assumption, but a lot of cpu's will either slow down immencely or turn off to prevent damage. Can you give us a little more info on your system? What chipset etc. As far as your sound goes, I'm not to sure. Did you make sure you grounded yourself before touching the inside of your system. Static electricity can easily kill a pc, or at least parts of it. Double check your heatsink though first, make sure it's seated in place and not fetched up on the mount and that you have some compound between your cpu and heatsink. (Artic Silver 5 works very well)
  11. New movies previews seen during SuperBowl #39!

    Originally posted by Alec§taar: Quote: Good job on their end, considering "The Patriots" have been there 3 times now, iirc, in a row? Not sure on that, but point is there, the pats are a POWERHOUSE! apk Yes the Pats have been 3 times now, but not in a row. Out of the last four years, it was '02, '04 and '05! Just thought I'd throw that out there! Go Pats!!
  12. Wow, this thread is an "above and beyond" type post Alec. I imagine you put in many hours to research this and get it all posted. I give you props man. Hell, it took me a long time just to read through it hehe. Anyway, great post! Very informative. - Lotus
  13. Firefox vs Internet Explorer

    Originally posted by AndyFair: Quote: All we need now is to persuade lazy webmasters that there are browsers other than IE ;( Rgds AndyF I couldn't agree with you more. - Lotus
  14. changing startup menu text

    I think he means the actual text of the start button. Go check out this link, I think it has what your looking for. http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/791/ - Lotus
  15. I have had good luck running Filezilla Client & server I see you mentioned it above...I think it'll work good for you. - Lotus