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  1. Remote Desktop logging

    i have searched microsoft and other website and cannot seem to find anything
  2. Remote Desktop logging

    Is there a log file of IP addresses that log onto your computer using remote desktop on winxp professional?
  3. Is there a way to control a Windows XP (home or professional) sound volume some how remotly (with out using remote desktop). Maybe though some type of MMC? Thanks
  4. Boot Install CD

    never mind i found them at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?releaseid=33290
  5. Boot Install CD

    How do i make the 4 Boot Install Floppy disks for winxp.. i rememebr doing it for win 2000 but i cant rememebr how. (This is because i cant change my computer to boot from a cd so i need to boot from the floppy)
  6. Have you installed SP1???

    nope i dont have this prob
  7. WMP 9 BETA - Problems.. anyone else?

    maybe somethin with their new ANIT PIRACY shit? LOL wat format is it? DIVX?
  8. I have been using winxp since it was released and about 1 week ago when I unlock my workstation it will now take like 1 minute for the desktop to load. I will see the Desktop backround but nothing else for 1 minute. When i first bootup my computer I dont have this problem. Only when unlocking my computer. What can be causing this?
  9. Unlocking a Windows2000 Pro computer

    I have a windows 2000 computer where i forgot the password. I dont really need to get the password but i would at least like to be able to get the files off the computer. Any Sugesstions?
  10. Hibernate is missing

    I have an ATI All IN Wonder Radeon card & when i installed the latest drivers for it, it seemed to have taken out the hibernate option... where is the registry entry to turn this back on or how would i turn this back on??
  11. Outlook Express & Systray

    thanks a lot!!!
  12. End Task Timeout Dialog

    I leave Outlook open all the time & when i shutdown the comptuer the End Take Dialog comes up saying that the program isnt responding (becuase outlook uses winword). But this end task dialog used to have a coutdown thing on it so after about 20 seconds it would automatcally End the Task & continue.. This dialog now just sits there waiting to be hit... Im guessing this is a registry setting... I tried Tweak XP's option of automatcally closing programs that time out but this will not display the end take dialog & just close the program. Does anyone know what is causing this because i would hate to have to reinstall just for this alone!
  13. Related Pages In IE gone in XP??

    I checked one of my other WINXP comps & it has the related under the customize.. what would cause this to get removed & how would i reinstall this version of IE so i can get it back??
  14. Outlook Express & Systray

    is there anyway to minmize Outlook Express to the Systray (like you can do for regualar Outlook xp)? any third party software to do this??
  15. Convert To NTFS question

    I have a C & D hard drive (2 seperate hard drivers) & the c drive is NTFS but D is FAT 32 i want to convert D to NTFS but when i use the commad convert D: /fs:ntfs it gives me an error saying "Convert Is not Available for RAW drives".