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  1. Carnivores Ice Age in Win2K?

    nevermind. fixed it with patch. you can find it here. works pretty well but has some minor glitches when switching graphical modes in direct3d. all this trouble to get it working just to discover that it's pretty dull game. got it as a gift. to bad i can't return it and apply the difference towards black&white or tribes2.
  2. Carnivores Ice Age in Win2K?

    anyone been able to get Carnivores Ice Age working in Win2K? i keep getting a heap allocation error. here is a copy of the log file the game generates: ==Init Direct Sound== Software mixer version 1.3 Back Sound Buffer created. Device0: SB Live! Wave Device/emu10k1f.sys DirectSoundEnumerate: Ok Acceptable device: 0 Device selected : 0 DirectSoundCreate: Ok Attempting to set WRITEPRIMARY CooperativeLevel: Set Cooperative : Ok CreateSoundBuffer: Ok (Primary) SetFormat : Ok Play : Ok Direct Sound activated. ==Init Direct Draw== Primary Display Driver/display DirectDrawCreate: Ok SetCooperativeLevel: Ok Direct Draw activated. == Loading resources == ABNORMAL_HALT: Heap allocation error! any suggestions? i have all compatability updates. tried a couple different settings using appcompat and qfixapp but none worked. thanks
  3. Carnivores Ice Age

    Has anyone had any luck getting Carnivores Ice Age to run in Win2K? I've tried just about every setting in QFIXAPP and APPCOMPAT, the game will try to launch but then it kicks out a 'Heap Allocation Error!' and knocks me back to the desktop. Any suggestion? Thanks