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  1. [win2k] auto hibernate 5 minutes after "wake-up"

    Well for the ones interested, his behaviour is by design, just found an article on the MS site: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;282208
  2. [win2k] auto hibernate 5 minutes after "wake-up"

    system hibernates: never actually all my power options are disabled, except "turn off monitor" is set to 20 minutes. what the hell is going on?? ;(
  3. Hi all, I'll try to explain my problem as clearly as possible. When i recover windows 2000 from hibernate (i'm using the word "recover" but i mean i'm just booting up the pc that i put in hibernate before) and i don't use the computer within 5 minutes after the wake-up from hibernate it returns in hibernate autmatically. Is this behavior by design in windows 2000 or is there something wrong with my pc? Thanks for reading this post. Greetz Raf
  4. [win2k] error BSOD when changing the pagefile size

    No don't worry, it wasn't norton, i don't like it either. I was using AVG antivirus, a freeware antivirus, not the best, but it has saved me twice I will search for another antivirus now. Which one do you recommend videobruce?
  5. [win2k] error BSOD when changing the pagefile size

    You're right, it's not the MB. I seem to haven narrowed the problem down to my antivirus (AVG antivirus). I have tried several times to change the swap file and it seems to be working fine now. I have seen so many people with problems with this motherboard i blamed it for this problem too
  6. My win2k pro sets the size of the page file automatically. I wanted to give the pagefile a fixed value (250 MB) since there's only 128 MB ram in that computer, so when changing the size i clicked on "set" and then "OK". But a the moment i clicked on ok i got following BSOD: stop 0x00000024 NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM --> classpnp.sys I went looking for an explanaion for this error and did all i could find: latest bios, latest drivers, chkdsk, format. But nothing helps. I believe it could be another problem of this crappy ECS k7s5a motherboard i'm using right now, because before i had an MSI motherboard which didn't have this problem. Has anyone else encountered that problem?? thanks.
  7. joint strike fighter

    Hi, there this old game "Joint strike fighter" that i would like to get to work in windows 2000. I downloaded the application compatibility toolkit 2.6 to try to fix it, cuz when i run jsf.exe s get the error: jsf.exe is not a valid win32 apllication". Is there anything i can do. How do i know what fixes i have to apply to the game to get it to work? Thanks.
  8. Windows 2000 SP3 is here

    It still doesn't work. I still get the same error after the format. I tried all your versions of extract... BDUP.CMD works and seems to make the images fine, the floppies work, till the format is finished then i get that darn error... I did it in vmware (i rulez!! ) this time cuz i'm sick of formatting my computer over and over again
  9. Windows 2000 SP3 is here

    OK thanks for your quick replies, i will try that and tell you later tonight if it worked.
  10. Windows 2000 SP3 is here

    Ok a little more details: i updated the bootdisk image files using bdup.cmd. (what does extract.exe have to do with that? it's not mentioned in your slipstream guide.) I created the 4 bootdisks in the windows 2000 command prompt with the makeboot.exe from the updated windows 2000 sp3 cd. I boot with these 4 disks. When on the 4th disk i get to the partition setup part, i set up my partitions, everything goes well. Then setup formats my c: partition in NTFS, so far so good. But just after the format i get following error: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following value in the .SIF file used by setup is corrupted or missing: Value 0 on the line in section [sourcedisksfiles] with key "sp3.cab" Setup cannot continue. To quit setup press F3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Windows 2000 SP3 is here

    I followed the slimstream guide word by word. I'm booting with the 4 bootdisks, and the setup gets to de "format c:" part, but after that when windows wants to copy the files to the drive it gives and error. When i boot frmom the cd the setup runs fine till the end... Any ideas?
  12. The above game doesn't run smooth in windows 2000. But it's not a frames per second problem, because i get a constant 50 FPS. It's just that at certain times the environment seems to move a little faster (a fraction of a second) and then goes back to normal speed. It makes the game choppy altho the FPS is OK I didn't get this problem in windows 98. Funny thing is, when i play just after configuring my display settings in cmr2 it isn't choppy, but when i quit and restart the game the choppiness occurs. If i then reconfigure the display settings and immediately play it's smooth again, and so on...Very annoying. Also funny, in windows xp there is no choppiness. Anyone having this problem?
  13. I've had this error a lot of times. I have a full download of internet explorer 6 so i don't have to go through windows update all the time and wait till everything downloads again. I run the internet explorer setup, the computer then reboots to finish the setup, there's a window that appears on the top left corner of the screen that goes through steps of the IE6 setup but around the 3rd step i get the error "explorer.exe has performed bla bla bla... and will be shut down". OK so i'm left with a blank desktop. i then reset the computer, get into windows 2000 fine, but it seems IE6 has been only partly installed. I'm left with a hybrid IE5 and 6 that causes a lot of errors...It's impossible to uninstall cuz it's not listed in add/remove programs => format again... Has anyone had this error, and is there some kind of fix?? Or will i just have to live with IE 5.0 as long as i stay in windows 2000? Thanks
  14. Radeon 8500 with NFS High Stakes

    Yes, those are the 6071s indeed
  15. Radeon 8500 with NFS High Stakes

    No, fog still doesn't work. I'm using a radeon 8500 275/275 with latest official ATI drivers (6071)