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  1. Mr.Guvernment

    [HELP] Raid 0 recovery..

    hey all! well i had a raid 0 set up in a dell poweredge server - upon a reboot it seems the systems raid system will not work - called dell and they suspect the bgackplane card or the mobo is going - how ever the system will boot fine in "scsi" mode, just not RAID. the 2 hard drives 2 x 76g scsi drives were the drives used - both drives are fine - it was the controller that has died. How can i recover data from these drives? If i can at all... because the drives did not die - can i simply plug in each drive into a scsi controller and try to copy off data? Any help is appreciated!
  2. hey all, Okay - the boss mentioned to me something about dividing up our network, i assume this would be done with multiple domains and he says that if we do this it will help releive load on our network some how.... the idea is to have; domain 1 - domain 2 - domain 3 and in each doamin resides certain computers - say Domain 1 - web server / mail server Domain 2 - support computers Domain 3 - personal computers and then what we want to do is only allow certain people certain access to Domain X. Do i need a Domain Controller for this and Active directory? or is there another way to do this? Will making seprate "domains" improve network peformance at all?
  3. Mr.Guvernment

    Buying new desktop for home

    ^^ i can disagree with almost everything of the Above AMD are generally MUCH cheaper for the power and we all know AMD do more work per cycle. Canadian prices AMD AMD Athlon™ XP 3200+ Barton @ 400Mhz FSB - $299.99 Intel Intel® Pentium® 4 - 3.2C-GHz @ 800Mhz w/ 512k -$399.99 $100 more - now - it does depend on what you are using this system for... AMD is now more of a gamers / everyday user chips in terms of performance Intel - if you do video encoding and other GFX intense items - then Intel is often ontop of the game against AMD. Motherboards Asus Abit intel I prefer Abit - if you are overclocking as someone above point out - Abit is the way to go - dont even consider Intel. - Asus tends to forget key items if you want to overclock but they have nice features. If you just want a dekstop system to plug everything in and go - Intel is know for it's more stable motherboards - but often for a higher price. Video - STAY AWAY FROM THE FX'S cards - if you want to future proof your system - wait a month and see what new cards ATI and NVIDIA come out with - and even then watch the price of current high end cards drop nicely. if you can wait for everything - PCI-Express / DDRII /BTX are all coming out in the upcoming month so prices on current items will all drop. AMD is just as stable as Intel and is not as picky as you say above - for many many people - some people have bad experiences. This is aslong as you go with an Nforce2 chipset or SiS - via + AMD or via+intel = crap / troubles most of the times with some exceptions. As for harddrive - i am the opposite as above - i have had Maxtors and IVBM's die on me - i do how ever currently have 6 WD 120g / 40 WD and a 160g WD - the 6 120g WD have been running 24/7 for almost 2 years now as a file server and not one has died - how is that for quality! Samsung i also fele safe with - have a 80g Samsung that has traveld with me from toronto to antigua and now to costa rica and still works great. Pending on what mobo you get - many come with 6 channel audio so you wont need a sound card.
  4. Mr.Guvernment

    A7N8X Deluxe compatibility problems with Windows Server 2003

    did not have this issue myself just got the A7n8x-e Deluxe board - revision 1 - installed 2k3 fine and also all forceware drivers and such from nvidia (XP versions) and all is running fine as far as i can tell. It is scary - everything on that site i know off by heart already..lol i think i havea formating problem
  5. Mr.Guvernment

    Playing DVD's with Windows 2003 server

    my system ti4200 overclocked AMD 2500+ server 2003 det 53.03 PowerDVD XP DVD play fine for me there have been no reported problems with ti cards in server 2003 that i have read anywhere....
  6. Mr.Guvernment

    Under heavy viral attack --need backup (help)

    ^^^ either way it would have to be done on anotehr computer to avoid infection - so at thtat same time why not just install antivirus on computer before connecting to internet and burning windows update files to a cd
  7. Mr.Guvernment

    Anything better than Quake 3 and UT 2003 in the FPS Genre?

    Quote: Also consider Call of Duty, a tad short, but still, worth playing again, and the multiplayer rocks. Nice graphics, although technically nuthin comes close to Halo until Doom 3 and Half Life 2. And dripping with atmosphere. lol nothing comes close to a game with graphics over 3 years old and ported from a console? you need to get out and play more game s- halo is a horribly coded game and the graphics are old - it has nice "effects" but the general textures and graphics are more basic then your game of hearts in windows..lol but that is just my opinion - even after playing it on a 9700PRO with all features jacked up.
  8. Mr.Guvernment

    How to get higher FPS?

    ^^^ yeah what he said! that strobe light sounds funky! *runs out to play sports with a strobe light* disclaimer - what disclaimer!
  9. Mr.Guvernment

    NVIDIA Hardware Overclock - All files included

    210 views and not one reply..lol your welcome
  10. Mr.Guvernment

    ntfs to fat 32

    if you want the full NT experience and are getting into that field go NTFS.
  11. Mr.Guvernment

    Website Critique

    nice sit - clean - simple personal opinion - i dont like thre brown color on the left menu reminds me of the morning after hard night out
  12. not sure if i had posted this here before - but fdor those of you who overclock your video card - why not make it permanent in the bios instead of strain your card with every reboot Hey all since most other posts with this have dead links and i know many are too lazy to do searches i have made a zip file with all files needed to successfully flash your nvidia bios. I have included instructions in the zip file typed out myself (not copied from anywhere else) - i have as of 10 mins before typing this flashed my MSI ti4200 from 250/450 to 305 /505 successfully (as a start - i can go higher) so go on over to www.mathiau.com and grab the files and spread em around! for possible questions already answered run over to http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=232417&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 or post here.
  13. Mr.Guvernment

    How can I get a Windows NT 4.0 workstation Key

    How do you know it is not an OEM - it came from a OEM manufacteur - PC sellers - whom %99 of the time install OEM O/S's?? i am sure if you have the reciep[t if you send off an emaoil; to MS then can send you one - i recall hearing somewhere that if you havea receipt and can prove you purchased the O/S then they will givce you one. the serial key could be on a sticker on the side or his case somewhere - that is the most common method PC makers use.
  14. Mr.Guvernment

    I need drivers GeForceFX Go 5600 for Win2k

    you usually have to get them form the maker of the laptop - what O/S was on it before?
  15. Mr.Guvernment

    Monitoring bandwidth ..

    personally for an FTP server you better of with a 3rd party app like BulletproofFTP (formerly G6) IIS to me just does not have the options and is too much of a hassle to set up accounts and permissions as for the rest i got no clue!