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  1. VirtualDub 1.3c could handle ASF - AVI conversion; but MS asked him to stop! It can't seem to open Newer .asf files anyway. Try ASFTools http://www.geocities.com/myasftools/ Be sure to Read the FAQs, you'll likely need to download Codecs. Nimo's codecs worked for me.
  2. Any Good Cloning/Image Software ?

    Quote: I can do all kinds of messing around with my OSes witho absolutely no worries about borking anything up Couldn't help a chuckle here since you are Backing up EVERYTHING!
  3. You were probably anxious to download, but the welcome page's 1st message is: Quote: Welcome Welcome to the home of Desktop Architect, the best theme management software for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Desktop Architect gives you the power to create and use themes to give your desktop a personal look and sound. Best of all, it's completely free!
  4. hooking more than 2 PCs to a cable modem anyone?

    Each machine connecting through a HUB needs it's own IP address. Your ISP seemingly allows 2 at once. Ask them if you can get another IP (if so, there will probably be an extra charge.) OR - Best bet = Use a Cable/DSL Router! In use it will only show as one ISP connection and route specific requests to the proper internal network connection. (Most advertise they can handle up to 255 networked computers; but I doubt you'd get much speed in a network that large!)
  5. CD Burning

    Use the instructions you got for downloading RC1. When you run the download, you'll get RC2, now.
  6. AMD k6-2 & AliAGP

    I have a K62-300 with a Giga-Byte 5AX Motherboard with Ali chipset. Works great!
  7. Switch to Switch connections (HELP!!!)

    Quote: ) but its actually 6 if you cound the uplink Well... you can't count the uplink, usually; because the 1st port and the uplink port can't be used at the same time. If it says 5 Port and there are 6, then that, I believe, is conclusive proof that you can't use the port right beside the uplink if you want to uplink. Would not using that port help your testing? Or have you tried that?
  8. winxp =unmountable_boot_volume

    A general rule (I learned the hard way with Win95 betas) = Never upgrade a beta!
  9. No login window ?

    I'm guessing you didn't add extra users when asked during setup. If you add at least one user (ie. yourself ) it shows on the welcome screen. Unfortunately (or stupidly IMHO) all the users you add during setup are administrators with no passwords!!!!!
  10. Administrator login disappeared!

    Yes, that is a "Feature" of XP. The users you create during setup are ALL administrators with no passwords! (I wonder who the 'genius' is that came up with that one?) FIX THAT QUICK! Just leave yourself as an admin and Password protect the user accounts. If you really want to log in as Administrator = do CTRL-ALT-DEL Twice at the welcome screen to show the old 2K style login box.
  11. Any way to completely get rid of Messenger?

    Uninstall it! Add/Remove Programs, Windows Components.
  12. Shakedown - You can get a list of users with 2 more button clicks. Ummmm, I forget (I'm in Win2K at the moment :-( ) but it's something like Locate and Find???
  13. Free Beta of NAV 2002

    Been there ... Done that! My first NAV Warning Running Help/Support Center about Hardware = This is a Malicious Script. Recommend stopping it. hmmmmmmm
  14. As Aministrator, Control Panel | Administrative tools | Local Security Policy. Click Security Policies, double click Disable Display of Last User and Enable it.
  15. question about XP Preview Program

    Half an hour!!! AHHHH! They emailed preview subscribers, beginning July 2nd. They "randomly" selected batches to spread the demand. Supposed to be done July 7. Some of us signed up 2 months ago!. If the people that are signing up now are treated "fairly", you should get notification AFTER July 7.