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  1. Warcraft III XP Problem

    Get Nvidia drivers tweaked for games : http://www.omegacorner.com/ nvidia_wxp_omega_1182.exe ... tweaked the 3082. Now removed. nvidia_wxp_omega_14072.exe ... tweaks the 4072. Now available.

    VIA 4in1 Drivers : http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=2
  3. System Shock 2 won´t run, even with "-lgntforce"

    Get the patch to version 2.3 and upgrade game files : www.irrationalgames.com/shock2/files/shkpatch.exe Apply unSafeDisc 1.55 : http://masku.rdx.net/gf/pt/unsafediscv1.5.5.zip Rename Testme.exe to SHOCK2.EXE and use the no CD patch : http://gcw.webmediadirect.com/games/pc_system_shock_2.shtml
  4. Nero settings

    That may occur due to overclocking or wrong memory options in the Bios.
  5. Is there no way to download this fix?

    Get d3d8.dll here: http://userpages.umbc.edu/~dpitly1/amddirectx/d3d8.dll Copy this update file to these directories: C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache C:\WINDOWS\system32\
  6. Neverwinter Nights- Worth buying?

    Neverwinter Nights ranks low as a D&D game. Predictable, boring and very buggy even after patch no. 20; the player's statistics (or inventory, or weapons, etc.) still disappear although not due to sickness; the fights are often scripted or unrelated to abilities. Game engine is defective and the necessary (corrupted) reloadings due to bugs make this a game to drop unfinished. The use of third edition rules improve on Pool of Radiance ROMD (the Ranger dual-wields weapons, summons a favorite animal and uses low magic). Morrowind is excellent and Dungeon Siege a nice game. Wizardy 9 too is technically superior all around.
  7. CDRW problems with XP

    XP already includes an UDF reader, less tolerant than the Roxio one. Get a free MRW reader here: http://www.softarch.com/us/products/cdmrw.html
  8. CDRW problems with XP

    InCD offers CD-MRW (Mount-Rainier) useful with latest Lite-On firmware and new drives. The latest version solved glitches with XP. Simply upgrade to this and keep Nero 5.5. If overclocking, check the Dram Timings & Control page in the Bios and disable «Read around Write» and «Continuous Dram Request». Those advanced Turbo options are a nuisance to proper CD-RW operation. Dismountable media delay can be accessed in My Computer, Right click, Manage, Removable Storage, Libraries, Right click CD-RW, Properties though it is better to let it be. Portable and desktop do not hold the same kernel driver libraries and the second problem was also devised as a normal XP operation.
  9. System Shock 1 Fallout 1 Jane's Longbow 1 Unreal Freespace 2
  10. corrupted SOFTWARE file

    Try "chkdsk" first.
  11. what the hell is up with ACPI in win XP ?????

    Paul's Unofficial Abit FAQ explains all about that Abit PCI-Irq Table. "What on earth is the interrupt pin assignment table in the manual all about?!": http://www.viahardware.com/faq/kg7kr7/bios.htm Take note that most Asus motherboard have an Asic for control of PCI sharing activated only by enabling PnP OS in the Bios. 1394a (i.e. "Firewire", "I-Link") as network solution with Internet Cable Modem plus USB2 and ADS USB Turbo Quad bring a clear slowdown on ACPI. These tools go far to solve the lack of sufficient IRQs. Standard PC is then more efficient and recovers the one Gigabyte HD space otherwise lost to hiberfile.sys.
  12. Problem with XP File sharing

    Windows XP Network Troubleshooting: http://www.practicallynetworked.com/sharing/troubleshoot/
  13. Weird DVD skipping problem

    Some guesses: -stop Screen Saver; -unmark "Enable CD Recording on this drive" in Computer, CD-RW, Properties; -remove Fraunhofer IIS Mpeg Codec in Device MAnager, Sound Video and Game Controllers, Audio Codecs. Lowering resolution is right because 32 bits and even 16 bits steal the bandwith from the video overlay which operates solely in the remaining video memory. 8 bits has been recommended for DVD playback.
  14. Crusader: No Regret

    Avoid any Ms-Dos version and use real mode IBM PC-Dos to play Crusader. Install Windows 98 SE for Dual Boot. Use Audigy CD to install the Dos Driver emulation. Check the PDF Manual for configuration with the SBESET utility. Prepare a PC-Dos boot diskette with Files = 60, Buffers = 45 and no Smartdrv. Include all SBINIT lines in Config.sys and Autoexec.bat. Manage upper memory blocks to allow 610K to play Crusader. Choose SoundBlaster 16 during setup.
  15. Strange CS/TO problem

    Uninstall Intellitype Pro or any other keyboard software.