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  1. Windows 2000 server TS printing issues

    That won't work in this situation, the users are scattered in different locations.
  2. It seems to be a recurring problem. Some (but not all) don't seem to get their local printers added. I can not find any security reasons for the users that CAN vs. the ones that can't. I am starting to think about getting one of these third part TS printing solutions. I have heard about THINPRINT, and Net2Print. Any opinions on these solutions or suggestions on a better one? http://www.thinprint.com/?s=4805&lc=61 http://www.net2printer.com/default.aspx It would be nice to not have to spend $1k to fix this...
  3. Windows XP Share can't add Domain users

    Yes, Windows XP Pro SP2, joined to the domain, seen as a valid user & computer from the WIN2k Server.
  4. I help manage a small network that has a Win2K server and a few machines all running XP SP2. One machine has this weird issue where I can share a directory but when I add users, I can not add DOMAIN users, only local users. The other machines don't have this issue. Has anybody seen this behavior? What can I do to fix it?
  5. I need to clone a Win2K server's hard drive. It is an SATA ICH5R setup. Ghost does not want to recognise it. What would be the best method? Does Acronis handle this? Thanks, Maurice
  6. Terminal Server printing issue

    This one really has me baffled. A customer in a remote location gets a new computer. The old one was connected through terminal server and could print fine to her local Color Laserjet 3500. I tested her connection and it was fine. Now however, on her new machine, it is not working. I was thinking it was a driver, but when her machine was hauled in, I made sure the server and the workstation both were running the same driver. I noticed that she was using the "HP Networking" connection to her printer, so I set it to a local connection on a standard IP port (this is working FINE with my connection to the same server with my HP4000 laser). Still no joy. Any suggestions?
  7. I dread a clean install

    Well, it is XP Pro, SP2, and the repair install did not work, I still get the BSOD. I suppose a compromise might be to do a clean install without formatting. At least I will have all the photoshop filters etc in place... You would think that if you could boot to safe mode, there would be a way :-(
  8. I dread a clean install

    I have a machine that runs PERFECTLY STABLE, but is a bit slow for the work I do which is image editing in Photoshop (LARGE IMAGES WITH LOTS OF LAYERS). So, I am trying to upgrade to a new CPU/Motherboard combo. My old setup was a Intel P4 3.4 Ghz MSI motherboard, now I have a MSI Gforce 4 MB with a dual-core Opteron. I ghosted my boot drive to do a dry run and can't get past the 0X0000007A blue screen of death. I can boot into Safe Mode, and I installed all the missing drivers, but reboot still sends me to the blue hell. This machine is tweaked out completely software wise and reinstalling all the applications is a daunting task, we are talking DAYS of tweaking. It seems likely that it is a driver that is causing the problem, but I don't know where to start to fix it. Has anybody here done a move like this and have some pointers? There's gotta be a way! PS, I tried doing a "repair" install and that did not fix the problem either.
  9. Yeah, I already made it over to Majorgeeks and the only solutions I could find cost more than $250-300. This is a small office, and a small need, I would think there might be a simle inexpensive solution to this...
  10. I am looking for a shared resources (like conference rooms etc) program that is free or inexpensive for a business that has no plans to install Exhange. The only thing I found so far was CalendaX which runs with Plone, but that seems to take up to much resources for such a minor task. It seems like there must be some shareware or freeware that will do this, but I am having problems locating it. Thank you for any suggestions. -Maurice
  11. I suspect a big part of the problem is the application itself, but I was wondering if anybody here has a tip. When multiple users start using the database written in Foxpro (don't know what version), the app is horribly slow. I had recently updated the server to Symantec Corp AV 10.0. Thinking this was the cause, I reverted them back to version 9.0 but that made no difference. Yes, I have unchecked the Network box on the virus scanner. I googled around a bit, and found some info about locking: http://www.ocwizard.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=38&Itemid=141 I applied the registry fix to the server and workstations, but it did not help. Is there any way to increase the number of locks (like some command line) in Win2k Server? The application is vital to this business, and a solution must be found. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Maurice
  12. SQL throught SMC Barricade Router

    Just an update on this now resolved issue. It turns out that IF you have SP2 installed on XP, you NEED to have SQL SP3 installed or it won't listen on external TCP/IP. Simple solution that was not available to a SQL newbie like me...
  13. SQL throught SMC Barricade Router

    Still pounding on this one. The router is an SMC SMC7004VBR Barricade Router. It does not really have a lable for the ports you are forwarding. I went into the ODBC and tried to setup the link to the server, but it failed on every test. I am really clueless as to the way that this connects to SQL, the program just reads some info through a serial port and sends the information to the SQL server via port 1433. When installing the downloader software, it asks for the name of the server, and I have tried quite a few combinations.
  14. I am trying to set up a way to connect a remote office to a SQL database being run on a workstation that is used to collect data from GPS devices to track drivers. The local lan has the machine with the SQL workstation and one client that captures the info and passes it to the database just fine. So it works on the LAN. I can't seem to get it to go through the Router from a workstation in another town. I programmed the Router for port fowarding to the workstation on Port 1433 IP and Port 1434 UDP. No Joy. Tried using 1434 as a trigger to send traffic through port 1433. Nope. I even tried setting up the DMZ to the one workstation. I have been testing via the Shields Up web page which always lists the port as there but CLOSED. Any recommendations? Hints? Thanks, Maurice
  15. The laptop is running OS 10.3.2