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  1. Games and Sound

    The Live! is definately the best choice. Even before the Live! drivers were available from Creative, 2000 had sound on the Live!
  2. Lockups with games!

    Hi there I'm experiencing lockups in Windows 2000, but only with games.. The specs are as follows: AMD Athlon 600 (o/c 666) Asus K7M 128Mb Ram 32 Mb Asus V3800 TnT2 (Detonator 3) SBLive (with Liveware 3 for Win2000) The funny thing is, if I use the Asus drivers 3.68 or below, the system runs perfectly in games (albeit slower), any drivers from NVidia or Asus later than those, and the games lock! My CPU is running at 42 degreesĀ©, so it's not overheating. Having said that, she's perfectly stable in Windows 98 / Milly with the respective versions of Detonator 3. I've tried altering my voltage for the AGP all to no avail. Puhleeze, has anyone got any ideas? PS: It locks if I clock my chip back down to 600 too...!