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  1. Winfast TV2000 & TNT in WIN2K

    I also have the same graphics card and i face the same problem.Leadtek did it again.They have published drivers that are mulfuctional for once more.We have to hope to an update.I also had problems with winfast tv2000 with my blaster tnt card under windows 98SE.But i managed to fix it by downloading a latest version of drivers and by changing the PCI position of the tuner.It worked but i do not know which one of the above....I also face problems under windows 2000 with the sound.After i Close captv or CapFm i still hear sound coming out of my speakers.If i check the mute tab of Line In in the sound properties i manage to stop it.Problems problems problems and nothing else than problems.A friend of mine with a Creative geforce anihilator card has the same problem with video in Win2k.The sound seems to be normal at his machine. If you find anything about this matter please post a message or send me an email ------------------ B@KOL
  2. Winfast TV 2000??

    To be more certain go to ftp://ftp1.leadtek.com/video/tv2000/w2k/english.zip and happy downloading...........
  3. Winfast TV 2000??

    You can download the drivers for win2k from 30/6/2000. Thank God.....their support really sucks....I asked them for this for 3 months with no answer.But they finally did it.......
  4. Leadtek Winfast TV 2000

    The card works just fine.Its a very good card and it works fine under win95/98/98se/But it doesn't work under win2k by the time i am writing you this.I have asked Leadtek a lot of times if they are going to publish win2k drivers but they have never answered me back.Their support suckz..... If anyone knows anything about this please send me an email.... ------------------ B@KOL