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  1. OCZ Ram

    The OCZ product in itself is a good product but the customer support sucks. They run a few web business with different names yet all are the same place. http://www.webuildpcs.com and http://www.abilitycomputers.com are the same place with the same phone numbers. Many more too.
  2. Yet another reason to NOT like XP.

    http://www.tweakxp.com/tweakxp/display.asp?id=639 See if that won't work for ya.
  3. Samsung 955DF

    That's what I'm using now. I love the picture quality of it and it goes pretty high in resolution (1600x1200). The refresh rate at 1600x1200 isn't the best but I mean if u run games in 1600x1200 you probably have a top-end system and have money for a better monitor (generalization). For the amoun paid it's a great monitor. Monitor settings menu is not too hard to figure out. Only has VGA input.
  4. I'm a sellout!!

    VIA isn't the only chipset manufacturer that supports AMD processors. ALi makes one that is really good, better than VIA from what I hear. Given the majority of the companies use VIA you can find some ALi based boards (Iwill XP333-R for example). "Why pay more for less?"
  5. Help Networking Problems.

    A firewall would stop it In fact that is what it sounds like. What firewall are you using? If it's Zone Alarm lower the internal zone security settings to Medium.
  6. ADMIN i need help real bad

    Did you reserve your name on the server? If so you need to setup your password. Generally the main admin's name is reserved (I think). Read the Admin mod FAQ about entering your password.
  7. Help Networking Problems.

    Might wanna check and see if they can actually see the different IPs. Make srue they are uniform (192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x) and both computers use the same subnet. After confirming that ping each computer and see if you get a response. If no response, what type of cables are u using? Crossover? Straight through? Is ICS setup on the desktop to share internet?
  8. Disk space problem.

    Using NTFS? Some space is used by MFT (master File Table). Swap file usage is also a factor. Cleared your recycle bin lately? I've had 7GB in my recycle bin before.
  9. Cs Gravity

    Admin mod? nope Command? sv_gravity xxx
  10. Sidewinder Game Pad stops responding in Madden 2002

    Try Compatibility Mode for Graphics (u choose in the splash screen) and it should go away. I had the same problem, I switched to a Gravis Gamepad Pro.
  11. Prolly/could be people port scanning you. I've had so many "alerts" from ZoneAlarm about like port scanning (I guess) tonight that it is scary. Had 21 (I did do the tests at grc.com though) cleared it, then I have like 23 now. Scary stuff that people scan/ping you all the time.
  12. Question should be, why not? For me: Office XP AIM ICQ Outlook Express Winamp Winzip Winace PSP 7.04 Morpheus NewsBin Pro CloneCD Easy CD Creator 5 Cute FTP Notepad (Web design) Power DVD
  13. Return to castle Wolfenstein = Awesome

    It's a modified Quake 3 engine, modified to make it look awesome as sh!t.
  14. Handles in Games

    One-Armed-Pimp in CS (sometimes [CK]-Cinnamon-Toast-Crunch, clan requires a cereal for name), and other HL mods. (Don't ask how I got it, longggggg story) OAP]rDoG[ in Quake 3 and OSP.
  15. I love Front Page

    One word: Notepad Everytime you press enter it adss like 5 lines of code in Frontpage. Want a table? Adds options u don't even need and then doesn't add necessary options. What I personally do is create the basic layout using Notepad and a graphics program. Make a template using SSI and then copy and paste the HTML and make the pages using Frontpage. Just recently did that for my school's site. Copying and Pasting old info into a graphical interface is so much easier than Notepad but for designs Frontpage sucks ***. Oh and FP is now starting to use div and span tags, it's default but can be turned off. I've never messed with GoLive or InterDev or Dreamweaver or any program besides Notepad and Frontpage when i'm forced to.