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  1. Can't Install Linux

    Overclocking? Try dropping back to the stock speed; Linux can be a bit fussy when RAM timings and/or CPU settings are too aggressive. I have had several CPUs that would overclock just fine with Windows, but have apps, X, or the whole OS just bomb.
  2. group policy

    Get it working? If not, PM me and I'll come back to this. The basic premise is that you have two parts of a GPO, machine and user, and these parts will apply to the corresponding objects in your OU (you can apply GPO/security policy settings to Local, Site, Domain, or OU only but you can use security settings and WMI filters to limit this even further). If you have a "Users" OU that has only user objects in it, then only the user portion of the GPO will be used (such as IE restrictions or folder redirection). If you have a "Computers" OU with only computer objects in it then only the computer portion will be applied (such as assigning software installation or most of the core security settings).
  3. SMTP problem. Very strange.

    If either of you are still having this issue, please come back and let us know. It sounds like a "split horizon" or "split brain" DNS issue that might be leading to resolution problems with the single target domain.
  4. Rebooting XP tech hejp

    If it's any help, Vista requires even less reboots than XP ever did. If you tested Vista before, but haven't run the RTM, don't let your impressions of the alphas, betas, or RCs keep you from running it. I have found that the long term uptime of it, and using things standby and hibernate, are fantastic. It also seems to recover memory much more aggressively than the older OS versions do.
  5. Domain Controller and this scenario

    Yep, you could use the local accounts to act as a local user. Cruising around as a domain admin all the time isn't the best way to do business anyway. If you're logged on as a domain admin, or using a local account with the same name and password of one that exists on the destination box, then you will be transparently passed through if the account has access to the resource. An ideal situation would be to use Group Policy to push a domain local group into the local admins group of each system, and to use an account from that group (but that is probably a bit beyond scope for this).
  6. I figured I should clarify why this didn't work. Using username@domain defaults to Kerberos, and if you are not attempting to access a 2000/2003 domain, or Kerberos realm resource it won't work. Since you are using systems in workgroup mode, there is no need to use the username@domain format.
  7. Server 2003 Filesharing cuts out

    Does the path, including the share, have more than 255 characters in it? That's pretty easy see when using really long filenames in music files (artist - album - trackname - track#.mp3).
  8. Um, I bought another SCSI to IDE adapter for my ESX test box and 2GB of RAM.
  9. Active Directory with Dynamic IP?

    Did you get this figured out?
  10. DNS and Active Directory

    Well, this is probably way too late, but might help others. If using Windows Server 2003, you setup your first DC, as you did, and install DNS (AD Integrated, secure updates only would be recommended), as you did. Have that DNS server point to itself, and only itself for DNS in the local NIC TCP/IP properties. When you bring up your next box, have it point to that server for DNS usage. Promote it, reboot, then install DNS on it. It will then show you all the records that the first DC/DNS server had. At this point, you may change the primary DNS server IP on the new DC to point to itself, and set the secondary DNS IP to the first DC. You may also add the new DC as the second DNS server IP on the first DC.
  11. Do you have the VPC virtual machine setup to use a "virtual switch", or is it setup for NAT? These are networking options, and using NAT would let you go places, but not let you host anything. Also, if you are using OSX 10.4, you might have issues with VPC since the updated networking APIs break some apps.
  12. Venting here

    Cool, the zombie mod gets to post on the zombie thread. This forum looks familiar, but I just can't place it...
  13. Two networks/domains -- cannot see each other

    I am under the assumption that both domains are on the same subnet. You could just setup the two WINS servers to replicate with one another in each domain to speed up resolution, but I would just use \\machinename\share to get what I need.
  14. What peterh said, for the most part. Just note that it is the AD Client for NT, and not "ADSI" in case you are looking for that. Also, I thought that the clients were on the Server 2003 CD, but I can't remember right now.
  15. Forum updates?

    Now if the search function would work better, or at least sort by most recent posts first...