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  1. DOSBox 0.74 Released!

    DOSBox 0.74 DOSBox Manual
  2. Windows 2000 Server

    Best to leave alone unless reason to do so. ie Terminal Server registry issues or if file system is HEAVILY fragmented. Focus should be on upgrading away from Windows 2000 not maintaining further. (Microsoft will stop providing updates in July.....) Most Windows 2000 servers can run Windows 2003 just fine from what I've seen but frankly if you are on Windows 2000 your focus should be on moving to a newer version of Windows inside of a VM and getting rid of your physical boxes as much as possible.
  3. Best way to upgrade OS HD

    Download the free Acronis True Image from the Western Digital website.
  4. New forum software

    No more SPAM showing up in the "New Content" view??!! Now the forums are going to seem deader than usual.
  5. Star Trek Borg help

    Last time I tested Star Trek Borg I ran it using Vmware Workstation 6.5 using Windows 2000 as a guest OS.
  6. Help! NHL 98 on xp

    Hey Ferris, yup that's me the same DosFreak. It sounds like this would be too complicated for you if so then you may as well just give up. www.virtualbox.com www.vmware.com
  7. Sims 2 Problem Solving Part Deux

    I'm not going to read the second paragraph but from what I read of the first paragraph it's possible your graphics card drivers got updated. Try comparing your driver version to what is available on the Intel site. If the Intel drive is newer then download and use that one. If that one doesn't work then you'll just need to start going back through driver versions and try older versions of the driver.
  8. Help! NHL 98 on xp

    You could try running it in Windows 95 compatibility mode. If that doesn't work then you'll have to try running it in a VM since that's what I had to do for NHL 99.
  9. external hard drive excluded from computer

    Take the driver out of the enclosure and connect it internally to your computer. If the computer can see the drive then download the diagnostics from Western Digital and scan the drive. If computer can't see it then verify you have everything connected correctly, if not then it' toast and only a professional service can fix it.
  10. hp cd writer

    Kill your coworker
  11. need for speed not play of vista 64 any patchs

    Thread closed. Unintelligible. Go to Patches Scrolls for patches.
  12. Think I remember something about this. Something to do with the AGP Gart that comes with the motherboard drivers. It's possible that the one included with ones is incompatible with your motherboard so if you can find the right driver online then you should be able to install it in safe mode. Also it's a SIS mobo so smash that POS to bits and get something else.
  13. freespace prob

    Might be the 8bit color issue with Windows 7. Open up Task Manager. End the "Explorer.exe" task. Using File Open in Task Manager browse to the game executable and start it. Color issue should be gone.
  14. Road & Track Presents: The Need For Speed

    Quote: pls help ??? pls send me the solution in my e-mail id i.e nowharryhere@gmail.com...i willl be highly thankful 2 u No. Thread closed.
  15. Carmageddon 2 weird

    Right-click on "My Computer", go to properties. Go to Advanced System Settings. Under "Startup and Recovery" Click on "Settings" Uncheck "Automatically Restart" and click OK. Run the game. When it crashes note the memory error (ex 0x00000something) Also if it shows a driver name then write that down. Post the info here and/or search google. It's most likely a video/audio driver issue.