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  1. OpenGL and Vista

    The OpenGL version is The driver is there, the game doesn't seem to be "hooking" into it. Or Vista doesn't know where the driver is. Just guessing. I installed Vista without the X1550 card installed. The install was done using the integrated graphics. Could that have messed things up?
  2. OpenGL and Vista

    When I start up Quake 3, I get... GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem When I start up Quake 4, I get a hard stop (BSOD). I am using Vista Home Premium. The video card is an ATi X1550. I have installed Catalyst 7.2 drivers. The mainboard has an nforce 410 south bridge and a gforce 6100 north bridge. I have loaded the 15.00 drivers for the nforce 410. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  3. Dead Hardrive?

    WinXP could not see it from Disk Managment. I took the hard drive out of the first desktop and put the drive into a USB enclosure. When I plugged this enclusre into another desktop, hardware detection saw a 80 GB hard drive, but again, disk management didn't "see" it. Actually when I plugged it in, hardware detection saw the type of drive quickly, but was grinding away for about 10 minutes trying to read the drive before giving up. As you can assume, no drive letter assigned. I plugged the USB enclosure into a laptop as well, and I had the same results. I am still in the 3 year warranty, so I am going to RMA this drive. The data lost wasn't all that critical. Still frustrating though. I would like to know if another hardware problem caused this drive to go bad. Thanks for the help.
  4. Dead Hardrive?

    I have a slave 80 GB WD IDE hard drive that I can't access. The bios will see it, but after booting, WinXP can't find it. This drive was working this morning, although I went through a really long chkdsk on one of the boots. I tried booting off of a win98 floppy, that couldn't see it (I wanted to do a fdisk /mbr). I then booted off of a WinXP setup disk and setup saw the disk, but said that it couldn't access it. Soon after that I got blue screen hard fault. Anything else I can try before throwing this hard drive away?
  5. Can't open multiple of internet explorer

    This is my sisters computer, she wants to use IE. Yeah, I installed Firefox as a workaround. But thats all it is, a workaround. So hopefully we can fix this problem.
  6. If I open a new window of Internet Explorer, the old windows closes. The back button on the new windows does't bring me back. The old window isn't hidden anywhere on the task bar. Task manager only shows one IE window running. How do I fix this? thanks
  7. You pointed me in the right direction in WordPad... WordPad - View Menu, Options submenu, Options tab, uncheck "Automatic Word Selection" option... After unchecking this, I can highlight what I want in the document, and WordPad won't select entire words. That is the behavior that I want. I was hoping this was a universal Windows XP thing, but I guess it isn't.
  8. Sounds like you are misunderstanding me still. I am not talking about autocomplete. I am talking about selecting or highlighting text with a mouse. Using the Firefox browser, I can highlight parts of words. Here is an example: I then tried to highlight the same letters using Internet Explorer and this is what happens: This is how other Microsoft apps act. I want to be able to select whatever text I want.
  9. Originally posted by peterh: Quote: In which application? Notepad, Wordpad, Word, command line? More info required. WordPad, IE, Microsoft Help, Word, etc. Doesn't do it in notepad. WinXP won't let me highlight parts of words, must be the entire word.
  10. Windows XP attempts to predict what text you want highlighted as you left click and move your mouse. Most of the time it screws up. How do I turn this "feature" off so I can just highlight what I want highlighted without WinXP meddling? Thanks
  11. new to raid

    It's a Sager 8790. When I fire up the Repair console, there is no other drive letters assigned except for the D: drive (cdrom) and the C: drive (partion I formatted). No A:, B:, E:, etc. Why Setup can find the USB Floppy drive the first time and loses it when it needs it the second time, is the big mystery right now. In the meantime, I turned off RAID. Apparently WinXP had the drivers for the ATA part of the Promise card. So I installed WinXP without RAID. Eventually I would like to get it going though.
  12. new to raid

    I am having problems... I am trying to install WinXP onto a notebook w/ onboard RAID. There is no floppy controller, obviously. I have turned off the "USB device 29 ..." in the BIOS. "USB device 29 ..." needs to be turned off so the onboard card reader wouldn't interfere with the drive letters during setup. I had "USB device 29.." enabled initially and windows setup gave the two HD partions the letters H: and I: . By the way, legacy USB is still enabled in the bios. I plug in my USB floppy drive to one of the USB ports that is still working. I boot off of the WinXP setup disk, I hit F6 in the beginning so it will load the RAID disk. When prompted, I select the WinXP driver for the FastTrack Raid controller. It loads the fasttrack.sys file just fine from my USB floppy drive. I partition the drive... 15 GB C: partition for Windows, The remaining D: partion for data and programs. Setup formats the C: partition, then gets the list of files for dumping onto disk. This is where I get stuck... Setup then prompts for a Fastrack driver from the A: drive floppy. I can hit Enter until I am blue in the face, but it will not load the driver from the floppy. How come winXP knew where the floppy was before when it is initially loading, but now it can't find it when it is dumping files to the RAID config? How do I fix this? The only thing I can come up with is to slipstream the drivers on to a custom install. Unfortunately, that's a bit beyond my abilities.
  13. My winXP computer won't boot... the boot menu can't see windows. If I run the winXP install disk, setup says that C: is unpartitioned, it sees D: as FAT32 (correct) and it doesn't see E: at all. When I boot off of a win98 startup disk, I have access to all drives. They appear undamaged. The hard drive is a WD 160GB JB. All partitions were FAT32. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  14. Idle Process

    I'm confused as to what the idle process does. I was under the assumption that the idle process issues a HLT (halt) instruction when the CPU was no longer needed by another process. Then the idle process fired up the CPU again when another process needed it. This made sense because my computer is considerably cooler when idle, compared to when under %100 load. Then I read this tech note that sort of contradicted this. Here's a quote: Quote: The processor can never be sitting idle waiting to the next task, unlike our cashier. The CPU must always have something to do. It's like when you turn on the computer, the CPU is a piece of wire that electric current is always running through, thus it must always be doing something. NT give the CPU something to do when there is nothing else waiting in the queue. This is called the idle thread. So could someone give me a deeper insight as to why my CPU is cooler when "idle" compared to not. Another question, somewhat related. The game server for BF:42 (BattleField 1942) would jump to %100 percent when just one person joined in the game. When idle, the BF:42 server program only used 2-3%. They then patched game, and now the CPU usage jumps a negligable amount when someone joins the game. The question is, was the unpatched version of BF:42 blocking the idle process from kicking in? I refuse to believe they optimized the code that much in the patch.
  15. Game server clean up

    Quote: what server is it? counter-strike by any chance? BattleField:1942 at llama.visi.com Do a search for "visi" in your favorite game browser. We used to do CS and DoD, but the clan decided to move to BF:42