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  1. SideWinder Game PRofiler 4.0

    Where can i get this? I've got my Prec Pro to work, but i REALLY want to have the Profiling.... Thx in Advance
  2. Win2k + Sidewinder 4.0 = Wont Shut Down

    Does anyone know if the 4.0 will work with the Precision Pro? And does anyone know where to dl the 4.0 drivers?
  3. Quake 3 Arena Choppy unser NT4 -Help

    mouse problem here. even in the menu screen the mouse jerks around.
  4. ok, followed the instructions in the games/j page, used setdx6 and jknt4. I can load the game fine, but once i enter any level and try to move around with keyboard or mouse, nothing happens. only ESC seems to work. any advice would be appreciated. Thx in advance.