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  1. crt verses flat panel

    One other thing to remember is that and LCD panel is a fixed resolution - at the moment 1024*768 or 1280*1024 (like mine). # Using an LCD at other that it's native resolution gives a much worse image than a CRT. At the end of the day, it's a trade-off in resolutions - the potential of 1600*1200 against the quality of 1280*1024...especially when digital-output video cards/digital-in LCD monitors are considered...
  2. NT Comp HW news = ballz!

    Hm... Even after flushing my local browser cache, the Matrox page still only shows the 1.04 BIOS as being current. Most odd.
  3. Voodoo2 & Win2k

    The 3dfx-provided drivers are crap - the Anthony Toaste "kludge-ware" drivers are much better (even though they don't do DirectX) but some versions have a mis-named DLL in the INF. Make sure you're using the latest d/l from this site...
  4. NT Comp HW news = ballz!

    I've just seen - on the front page of this site - a "news" item about a new BIOS for the Matrox G400, but the link gets me to the BIOS dated August 1999. What a bag of wank. Is it too much to ask that the links to new material actually link to new material..?
  5. RCA Lyra MP3 Player

    Try the beta of MS Media Player 7. It appears to have native support for this device - however I don't have one so I can't say if it works...
  6. CD Burning Software

    Adaptec 4.x, Nero 4.x and, CDRWin 3.8x, FireBurner 1.06 and probably some others I can't remember at the moment all work for me under W2K with my SCSI Yamaha 4416.
  7. Is there a downside to NTFS file/drive compression?

    File compression is always about trade-offs. You reduce the actual disk and bus I/O (because the data is smaller) but increase the load on the CPU (compression/decompression). The best way to determine its worth is by running your own benchmarks - trust none that are run for you, as YMMV. Also, using it on ZIPs or on files that are constantly modified would be bad. Finally, as far as the FTP clients are concerned, they just see files - all the compression is done by the underlying file system.
  8. Plus Icons hope you can help

    Go to the "Effects" tab of the Display Properties dialog. Click on an icon across the top, then click "Change Icon"...
  9. Exabyte Eagle Nest ( Int. & Ext. ) & Win NT,2000

    It may already be supported by the OS. Check the W2K Hardware Compatability List...
  10. Dual Monitors and W2k

    As has been mentioned several times before, the native S3 drivers do NOT support multi-monitor use. Check the W2K HCL for a list of cards/chipsets that will work...
  11. Tyan trinity 400 question

    I'm here! I've been running a Trinity 400 (BIOS rev 1.06) for about 8 weeks now - 24*7 - with a PIII-550e, 2*256Mb and a 20Gb UDMA2 drive under NTFS. When I was setting this up, I also tried it with a Celery 300a @450 - same deal, it just worked. Aha - Tyan have just released BIOS 1.07...back later.

    I would expect (although you haven't mentioned your hardware) that the drive is on a ATA66/UDMA2 controller. W2K will not natively support these devices, so you have to get the W2K drivers from the vendors web site, and either install them during setup when asked for additional SCSI drivers, or put the drive on a regular IDE port, install W2K, install the drivers then place it back on the ATA66.
  13. "Stutter" in Win2000 Pro

    W2K does NOT require ACPI in order to run successfully. Any statements to the contrary are worthy of nothing more than hot grits down the pants...
  14. Creative Webcam II USB - Win2k

    The cam (and the drivers) are OEM'd from a firm in England (the also sell to Pace and a few others) - you can get their name by checking the properties of the drivers. The main problem is that the core USB driver for the cam is actually 16-bit, and they have no interest in re-writing it. I would recommend either selling or giving away the CL cam and buying the Intel instead as it is natively supported...at least, that's what I did...
  15. system page file

    Also, putting the page file on a slave device where the game/OS is on the master in an IDE environment is very, very bad indeed - due to the single device/blocking nature of IDE. This might explain bad performance... Damn. 600 posts and I'm STILL not "The Man".