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    I am a computer person all in all.Playing games and have fun.
  1. delay startup in XP

    Yes I also think for registry problems use a safe registry cleaner like Registry Recycler.Do not edit it youself its too risky.
  2. run windows XP on BookMac

    Now one can install Windows XP service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 on Macbook.
  3. help about browser

    Download the Latest version of Firefox Browser
  4. Resident Evil 2 Blank Screen

    Resident Evil 2 is also not working well on my computer.It seems like Resident Evil 2 is not bug free.
  5. Do my computer really need a Registry cleaner

    Now I am using a registry cleaner.It is working very fine.Now my computer's game performance,boot up speed and applications start up speed is improved. I love it.
  6. Yesterday one of my friend john told me about registry cleaners and said that registry cleaner is necessary for the good performance of my PC. So I am asking that is it good to get a registry cleaner software or I do not need to get it.
  7. Blue Screen of Death

    Restart Pc Run PC in Safe Mode And Restore To A previous Restore Point.
  8. problem SQl..

    What query you have run tell me.