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  1. Router Routing (switching)

    If the destination network matches a network to which the router is attached, the router forwards the packet to the destination host by addressing the packet to the destination host's physical address. The router performs a direct delivery to the destination.Conversely, if the destination network is not directly attached, the router forwards the packet to an intermediate router. The intermediate router chosen is based on the forwarding address of the optimal route in the routing table. The router forwards the packet by addressing the packet to the intermediate router's physical address. The router performs an indirect delivery to the next router in the path to the destination.Web vulnerability scanning
  2. Router Issues

    I just pulled out an old router that I found in my closet. It is a Belkin, The issue I'm having is I have internet with the ethernet pulled right into my computer. But one I plug the cable into the router than the other cable from the router to my computer. I loose internet. I looked on my laptop and It shows my wireless. any advice?Web vulnerability scanning
  3. broad band speed

    thank u for sharing
  4. broad band speed

    some times thats also low speed.
  5. broad band speed

    There is usually a big difference between upload and download speeds. No sorry, there is no way to increase your speeds besides moving closer to your local phone company exchange or purchasing a faster DSL package.Web vulnerability scanning
  6. Multiple stacking anti-virus

    First filter driver in a driver stack common to multiple anti-virus programs, wherein the driver stack is designed to pass requests through both the first filter driver and a second filter driver associated with the driver stack before the requests reach corresponding target drivers, a file-open request to open a target file, said file-open request originating from an application, and said first filter driver associated with a first anti-virus program; sending an instruction from the first filter driver to a said first anti-virus program to scan the file;receiving a first request at the first filter driver to open the target file, said first request sent from the first anti-virus program;retrieving a handle of a function driver to enable direct communication between the first filter driver and the function driver in a driver stack, said retrieving of the handle performed by the first anti-virus program;Web vulnerability scanning
  7. norton internet security

    The Norton internet security package also comes with Antispam and well as Parental Controls, which enable you to child lock your computer and ensure that young users at home do not have access to inappropriate online content. The Norton internet security package is compatible with both the Home and Premium Editions, as well as the Business and Ultimate versions, of Windows Vista and Windows XP.Web vulnerability scanning
  8. Which antispyware is worth having?

    thank u for sharing.
  9. Which antispyware is worth having?

    Firewalls and anti-virus applications are important components of"safe computing," but they cannot, and should not, protect the computer user from him/herself. These programs cannot prevent the computer user from deliberately, if unknowingly, installing such malware. Web vulnerability scanning