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  1. BIOS Preferences

    Thanks for the information. Sorry to have taken so long to respond.
  2. BIOS Preferences

    Thanks for the information. Sorry to have taken so long to respond.
  3. BIOS Preferences

    If I set the BIOS to how you have asked above, then Vista boots okay. 1 ch0 M. :WDC WD1002FAEX-00Y9A0 Vista Will boot to Vista 2 ch1 M. ST332062ONS (Formatted) 3 Bootable Add-in Cards (None) ch0 is the drive with Vista installed. This is what is so confusing. ch1 is the drive that has been formatted that once had Linux mint installed to. I am under the impression that GRUB has been deleted from the formatted drive that Linux initially put there. So, if it was never installed to the Vista drive, I am wondering how, during a failed boot, GRUB gets a mention? I am only a novice so perhaps there is much more to this that I am unaware of. Thank you for your response.
  4. BIOS Preferences

    I am hoping someone can explain this to me. I have a HDD which has Vista on it. I have another HDD which has been formatted. It recently had Linux mint installed but I formatted the drive. In the BIOS, Vista will not load if the settings are 1.Bootable Add-in cards 2.Vista Drive 3. Formatted drive. Now, here is the oddity. Vista will load if I set the preferences to 1.Bootable Add-in cards. 2. Formatted drive. 3. Vista Drive. The error I get when I use the first arrangement is, "error: unknown file system grub rescue." This is a bit odd because I thought Grub would have been deleted when I formatted the drive. I unplugged the formatted drive and set the BIOS preferences to 1.Vista drive 2. Bootable Add-in cards and Vista booted okay. This all makes no logical sense to me. Regards EJWAGADORN