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  1. USB 3.0 adapter

    Hello, everyone. I just wanted to let you know (if someone is interested) that I decided to go with "Transcend PDU3". I purchased the card, installed it and for now, it seems to me that it works fine . Currently I only have one USB 3.0 memory stick (32 GB AData S102), and managed to copy approx. 15 GB of data from it with an average speed of 63.5 MB/s. While it's not so much (actually, it's just a little above upper speed limit of USB 2.0), it is more than 2x faster od that same memory stick when connected to USB 2,0 port, so I'm happy for now. In a few days I'll have one external USB 3.0 HDD and will see how it works. All in all: if anyone is in same dilemma I was 2-3 days ago - it seems that Transcend PDU 3 works just fine under Linux.
  2. USB 3.0 adapter

    Hello, I have a PC with Gigabyte 790XT UD4P motherboard, with Linux Mint installed. PC is rather fine, but it misses one thing I need - USB 3.0 ports. So I'm considering buying PCI Ex x1 card with (at least) 2 USB 3.0 ports. Does anyone has advice on which card to buy (or at least which chipset is my best option). My local store offers me these cards: http://www.magazinrs.hr/controller-transcend-pdu3-usb30-pci-express-x1-2ch-1-pack/TS-PDU3 http://www.magazinrs.hr/asonic-pci-e-card-adapter-2port-usb30/aso-pcie-card-usb3 http://www.magazinrs.hr/kartica-usb-30-pci-e-x1/wire-usb3.0-pci Site is on Croatian, but I guess you'll decipher which cards are those . Price is very similar for those 3 cards so it's not a problem. I just want to know which one of those (if any) works OK on Linux? Or, if those cards are not good, does anyone have suggestion which one to buy? Thanks in advance!