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  1. Usb 2.0 devices not recognized...

    I have a slightly older pc (motherboard is about 5 years old) Until 3 months ago, both the 2.0 and 1.1 USB ports were working fine. I do not know what exactly happened, but, now, the only way it will recognize anything plugged into the 2.0 ports, is if the item connected is 1.1. I've tried , for example, plugging a 4gb jump drive into the port, its not recognized. However, if I plug a 1.1 usb hub into the exact same port, then plug the jump drive into the hub, it sees it just fine, albeit only at 1.1 speeds. Enhanced controllers are working within device manager (IntelĀ® 8280 1EB USB2 Enhanced Host Contoller - 24DD to be exact). With this in mind, if I buy a pci usb 2.0 card, will this allow me 2.0 ports ( from the card) or am I left with having to replace the motherboard? Thanks in advance for any help that is provided here