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  1. Installing Nvidia Video card drivers

    Ubuntu automatically found the best Nvidia drivers during the install process and gives you a choice of whether to use it or a Linux generic driver.
  2. RE: Multi-boot managers

    Yes, you have the right idea. I am going to run Windows 7 and Windows 8 and probably won't be able to avoid the BIOS as the boot manager. James M Singleton will look into this before the release of Windows 8. We don't know what we are working with yet. James M Singleton
  3. Lost Admin Password

    Remote Assistance is best handled through Windows Live Messenger if all is using a modern Windows PC. Always look forward to a complete reinstall, it is the best thing you can do for your computer. James M Singleton
  4. Trying to prevent reinstalling WinXP

    You should look forward to a reinstall of Windows. It is the best way to go and also it is sometimes quicker than troubleshooting. A reinstall will fix issues that you are not aware of. Make a repair disk and drive image so you don't have to do a complete reinstall next time. James M Singleton
  5. vista will not boot up anymore

    Re-format your hard-drive and start all over again.