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  1. When booting Windows XP, it goes to the welcome screen and when the user is selected it flashes the destop for a split second and returns to the Welcome screen and logs off. I have tried to boot in safe mode, but when I do there is a rogue user account titled 'Administrator' that I DID NOT CREAT! I tried the fix below, that I found on this forum, but when I get to the prompt, only the first keystroke works. so all I could type was 'c' and then the keyboard doesn't work. It doesn't matter what key I type, it only allows one keystroke. Please help. Quote: Solution- First off, boot your computer from your Windows XP restore cd/OS cd, when the menu comes up hit the R key to get to the recovery prompt. The prompt should start off at C:\Windows. Type cd system32. The prompt should now read C:\Windows\system32 Type: copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe Reboot