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    Omikron on XP 64 bit

    I did find an odd suggestion on youtube of all places. One of the comments suggested that I turn the video files into .txt. It skips the movies all together, but I could start up the game. Had to turn down the graphics pretty low because it was extremely slow. And after I finish talking with K'ayl and go through the portal I get the blue screen of death lol.
  2. VileSword

    Omikron on XP 64 bit

    That would be great. Thanks for the input on this matter.
  3. VileSword

    Omikron on XP 64 bit

    I suppose the game files could be corrupted, but apparently the ISO's did work for others. Im using a nvidia 8600gt, and i downloaded the latest drivers for it about a month ago. I had a similar problem with fallout 2, but deleting one line in the .ini file allowed me to run it. I'd like to find someone else who uses xp 64 and has Omikron. So far google has failed me.
  4. VileSword

    Omikron on XP 64 bit

    Im running xp 64 pro and I can't seem to get Omikron: The Nomad Soul to work. I've downloaded and no cd crack and have made sure to put in disc 2 when i start the game. If I try to use disc 2, the program asked for me to put "disc 2" in. Which I have mounted with Daemon tools. And if I use the no cd crack, by replacing the runtime.exe the screen turns black makes a few noises and shuts down. Any ideas?