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  1. new comp video editing

    there's not much in compatibility database. is their list exhaustive? i didn't know it'be so much struggle. i imagined nice smart people like danleff would direct me through it seamlessly.
  2. new comp video editing

    Thanx! Who do you turn to for the drivers?
  3. new comp video editing

    Hi! I'm buying comp comp to use for video editing. i wonder if it's copmatible with linux: MB http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=65138 1995 Processor http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=61290 2245 RAM http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=74948 2325 DVD http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=73650 575 Chassi http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=75980 1149 Grafics http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=58174 790 Hard drive http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=65464 695 http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=58438 995 Cooling CPU http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=48002 249 http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=22645 59 Do I need a hard drive cooling? i've never used linux before, i'm not sure which distro to use either. dbe very thankfull if you could help me! KR moujik