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  1. great thanks! ill check it out.
  2. ok first off, thank you for the help! so im having a problem unpartitioning my hard drive. a frined of mine thought it would be cool if i had this so he did it for me a long time ago. recently i have been running out of room, because i have a 10 gig harddrive. and i pan on giving this computer to someone when i get my new deal set up. im running WinXp, and it told me to get rif of this i should delete the partition i dont want. when i did this it did not take teh space from teh otehr drive and combine them. so now im stuck with this 4.something gig harddrive... so what im asking is, how can i bring this space and my existing harddrive back together as one. with out using a program, because i have absolutly no room left on this drive(about 66mb left i know, i know lol) well, i dont knwo if i can fit a program on here to fix my problem...it has to be free too becasue im dirt poor at the momment. thanks very much for the time. -Big Matt