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  1. Desperately need help ---> USB Devices Not Recognized!

    I'm glad it's old, and reborn Okay, first post and first question. I just purchased an XBOX360 and am trying hard to get online rosters, which are downloadable, however you need a transfer kit: http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/10383/Xbox-360-Transfer-Kit-Update/ - which is what is giving me the problem.I'm getting this USB device not recognized error as well. The problem occurs when I plug in the device with the memory card attached (this is what is required to be done in order to transfer data). But the device isn't even recognized when the memory card is taken out - so I believe that is the culprit. Any help is highly appreciated. Specs: p4 2.6ghz Sony Vaio (PCV-RS 320 Motherboard) 1GB RAM 120GB SDRAM NVIDIA 6600GT