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  1. Need Help With Wireless LAN Using SUSE 10.0

    No, it is the same internal mini pci card. It is the same sEries of beeps that I get when my NIC is activating. Only with my NIC, I get online.
  2. Need Help With Wireless LAN Using SUSE 10.0

    I had it open encryption and I am using the same card as referenced in this thread prior only in a Dell Inspiron 600M. I believe that I had the SSID set as well. I will double check but Im pretty sure I did. Again, when I click on wlan0 in the network applet, I get a sweries of beeps but the icon just stays as the red X.
  3. Need Help With Wireless LAN Using SUSE 10.0

    Thanks for responding, but that applet came up by default. When I boot, nothing activates....but when I click on wlan0, my card lights up but I get no connectivity. Thats the only problem.
  4. Need Help With Wireless LAN Using SUSE 10.0

    Ok, this seems to be the most comprehensive forum thread related to this so I am posting here. I have done everything I have read about to get me wireless going. The only differance is that I dont get any lights on my card when I modprobe ndiswrapper. Regarding the steps that I have taken to get it going, refer to this entire thread (with the exception of the load scripting). So the question I have is HOW DO I GET THE THING TO ACTIVATE!!!??? UPDATE: Ok, Ive got lights now, not sure what I did, but I have no connectivity (my router is saying that there are no connected devices othere than the PC) and the encryption is open for setup purposes. Also, the icon on the top bar still says that wireless is not activated....just the "X".