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  1. mounting windows drives

    hi I belive hav have just mounted my unused 30gig partion i use in windows and i beleve have mounted it as hda5 mount /dev/hda5 /mnt/hda5 it dosent say anything after just goes to another command line. when i look at the properties on the /mnt/hda5 folder it says its about 30gig so i figure ive done it right but what i would like to know is how do i copy files etc to this folder because when i copy and paste to the folder it just coms up with an error saying:- Access denied Could not write to /mnt/hda5/(filename) can anyone help??? thanks Matthew
  2. divx for linux

    hi i have just downloads divx for linux and am wanting to know how to install the files. there is a install.sh file is this the file i run and if so how?? cheers Matthew
  3. wanting to rip my cds

    hi am i able to turn my music cds into files (mp3 or what ever linux uses) i tryed using sound juicer the program that comes with redhat fedora core but when i put my "megadeth" cd it it say it cant mount and in sound juicer it just wont find anything on the cd. ive had a look at the setting and it is looking at my cd-dvd drive it say the model number and every thing ???? any help?? matthew
  4. now this may be a dumb question but is there anyway i can download my hotmail using another linux email program ie; evolution-mail?? matthew
  5. winex

    hi I have just installed the winex rpm and i try to load a game clicking on the setup.exe and it looks up the installer but then comes up with an error and nothing more i click on details (of the error) this is the error:- rror Code: -5009 : 0x8000ffff Error Information: >Kernel\TextSubstitution.cpp (292) >Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (163) >Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (384) >Kernel\Component.cpp (875) >Kernel\CABFile.cpp (263) can anyone help?? Matthew
  6. changing root password

    hi everyone i am just wanting to know how to change my root password i have the correct passwprd i want but i had capslock and its just a pain in the ..... to keep pressing it all the time !!! Thanks Matthew
  7. how do i find or install this netraverse inabled kernal??? thanks
  8. USB 2.0 1GB flash drive

    hi so i editd the /etc/grub.conf and added the acpi=noirq at the end and pluged in the usb flash drive made a new device on my disktop and there it was under 'devices' and i clicked it and it worked so thanks guys for ya help cheers Matthew
  9. wine rpm

    hi i have just download the the wine rpm file and am wanting to install it i click on the icon but nothing happens and in termail as root still cant get it to work how do i install programs using these rpm files thanks
  10. USB 2.0 1GB flash drive

    hi im using grub as my boot loader and i dont think i have gedit how do i fing my editing programs i know i installed them there just not on any menu?? cheers
  11. my ati radeon 9700 128mb mobilty

    oh really bummer!! so anyway i can make it go any faster the os find the it as a 9600 but i cant even run the fre game 'tux racer' that comes with the fedora core its like 1 frame per second ???? thanks Matthew
  12. wanting new pcmcia 56k modem

    hi again ok thanks guys i went a got a dse pcmcia 56k modem for about $100 and pluged it in and it went straight away no drivers need to be installed it was sweet cheers Matthew
  13. hi i read somewhere before about how linux dose not suport 'win modems' so i want to buy a 56k modem for my laptop. i found one for about $80 a pcmcia modem and am wanting to know if any of the pcmcia modems are 'win modems' or what the story is. i have looked on the net and can only download windows drivers for the pcmcia modem dose this matter will redhat fedora core find it anyways????? heres the site if it helps http://www.cnet.com.tw/product/CNFM560-CF.htm thanks matthew
  14. Hi my laptop has a ati radeon 9700 128mb mobilty card in it how and where do i get and install drivers for the card ? im useing redhat fedora core and have a 64bit cpu if this helps ive been to the ati site and followed what it said but no luck. i cant even use the check.sh file to find out what verson of what ever im using is im lost and need help !!!???? cheers Matthew
  15. USB 2.0 1GB flash drive

    hi again so where do i add that line 'acpi=noirq' ?? in /dev/ there are no files etc called 'sda' at all ???? thanks