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  1. Help to remove this file

    Hijackthis can remove the registry entries and if you go into the misc tools section of Hijackthis you can select files to remove at reboot.
  2. Windows Logs in... Then out!

    Navigate in the registry to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\ In the right pane look for Userinit and the path should point to: C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.exe, If it does not then modify the entry so it does. Since you can not even get into safe mode you may need to make a BartPE bootable cd with the Registry Editor PE plugin on it. Then you can make the edits you need to in the registry.
  3. IE7 Freezes

    Add/remove programs and make sure show updates is checked then look for Windows Internet Explorer 7. You may want to try re-installing IE7 after you remove it.
  4. best antivirus??

    I have found Kaspersky 7 to be great and use less resources then even NOD32. Right now the two AVP processes are consuming about 15 MB. As for effectiveness, here is one comparative from when KAV was beta.
  5. win xp prodeuct key changes?

    Well all I do is call the toll free number and get a new activation code.
  6. Windows XP Login/Logoff Error, and Win 98

    Repair Install of XP.
  7. plz i need help with drivers

    Realtek RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Realtek ALC888 High Definition Audio Controller
  8. Tiger Woods 2007 - Direct X Issue

    Maybe try the System Requirements Lab.
  9. Tiger Woods 2007 - Direct X Issue

    DirectX is constantly updated and you may need the latest files. Take your pick from these and I normally just download the DirectX end-user redistributable. DirectX end-user redistributable (August 2007) DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer
  10. Internet explorer shutsdown

    It appears that flash may be corrupted. First you should Uninstall Flash. After you get done with that (rebooting if the uninstall asks to) try Installing Flash again. You may want to uncheck the box for Google Toolbar before installing Flash.
  11. motherboard probs

    You need to go into add/remove programs then uninstall the onboard VGA driver.
  12. Samsung SATA DVD burner not reading, Help

    It may be that board does not support ATAPI on the SATA ports (Many early boards with SATA ports did not). If this is the case then you will not be able to get a SATA DVD or CD drive to work.
  13. XP SP2 installation problems

    I think you may have a memory problem in that PC and suggest you test it with Memtest.

    For the Steam error try the following: If restarting Steam does not resolve the issue, please exit Steam and delete the following files: Steam.dll SteamUI.dll ClientRegistry.Blob These will be found under your Steam installation directory - by default, this will be C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\ (this may vary if you specified a different installation folder, or if you have moved your Steam installation).