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  1. Fedora 2 boot fails at swap partition

    The FC2 load/boot is in terminal mode (not X). I actaully see the place where it stops... it states something like "entering swap partition but nothing else. On the fdisk command, can I run that from the disk 1 of the slackware 10 CD? Again, I have no means of generating a windows based (at least WIN98) bootdisk to run fdisk, so I hope that I can do this from the SW CDs. I like SW, and I have used 9.x and 10 before. the Fedora was a shot in the dark. What is crazy is that my acient laptop (Dell CPi D266XT with 64MB RAM and a 2GB HD)loaded fine... with nothing on it, but it worked. Thanks, Tex
  2. I just loaded Fedora 2 on my PC (Anthlon, AMD 1.2GHZ, 512MB RAM, 20GB HD, Radeon 64 DDR VIVO Graphics, DVD, CD-RW drives), and the installation went fine. The problem is during the first boot after the installation, the boot halts (goes to never-neverland since the PC is not locked up, the script for boot just seems to stop) athe part after the main partitions are loaded and the swap partition is being reviewed, setup, turned on (what that portion of the install is trying to accomplish). I get no errors... just it sit there forever! I let it sit overnight (12 hours) and I came back to the same screen. I cannot remove the grub bootloader to setup another version of Linux (I have slackware 10, Peanut 9.6 and Vector Linux but they all use lilo as the bootloader and I cannote ses the partitions). If Fedora 2 cannot work, then I want it off (completely... bootloader and all). I have no means of generating a win98 base bootdisk with FORMAT (to run the format /mbr) so I have a problem: 1. I would like to resolve the booting problek in Fedora. 2. Get Fedora completely off my PC (if it will not work) and load something that will. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Texman