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  1. Red Hat, oops, I mean Fedora still sucks...

    Nah, I think I will just move on. I feeling a bit of an elitist attitude. I don't need somebody with a yesteryear affection for an obsolete OS trying to tell me it is good. That is like Bill Gates trying tell me windohs is good, safe and reliable. BWAAAAHAHA! I appreciate the fact that most Linux packages were built from voluntary blood, sweat and tears but that doesn't make them ALL good. Last time I looked, Canada and the U.S. were freedom of speech countries. If Linux people are going to be over sensitive, then the 'cream' will never rise to the top where the 'cream' deserves to be.
  2. Red Hat, oops, I mean Fedora still sucks...

    You don't sound much different than a couple of IT people I ran into in a broadband forum. I supplied tons of proof than certain tweaks dramatically improved connection speed in pppoe/win98se and I got the 'you are just a simpleton home user' attitude and was dismissed as a fraud. I don't care how many networks you have serviced or created and what 'letters' you have after your name. RED HAT/FEDORA SUCKS. Maybe redhat was okay years ago for 'servers' and ultra geeks but today people want a distro to replace windohs. NOT A BUGGY PILE OF DOG S**T. Red Hat was clumsy for home pc's to start with, then they (Red Hat Corporation) hung it out in the 'breeze' so to speak, aka the Fedora project to get 'free' labour from the public (upgrading and debugging). MAKING OTHER SO-CALLED NEWBIES AWARE OF ALL THE FACTS MIGHT SAVE THEM SOME HEADACHES AND TIME BY AVOIDING LOUSY DISTROS (Fedora is not the only lousy distro out there). The Debian PROJECT is absolutely fantastic but, in my opion, the distro is 'lacking'. That is why I chose ProMepis and will shout how great is from the roof tops if I have to. I have not spent one minute in a classroom but have mastered all flavours of 'home' windohs (including 2k pro), built and repaired many new and old machines and am now 'moving on' to Linux. I think other 'home users' like to hear the honest truth from somebody more on their level. Maybe Red Hat was the only 'major' distro around back in your day but it is a totally different world now. Have a nice day!
  3. Red Hat, oops, I mean Fedora still sucks...

    KsCD is playing Moby/Play/Porcelain as I am typing this. Somebody was thoughtful enough to 'gray out' stop disk before changing drive association. I only had the left channel until I opened Kmix, muted then unmuted CD and boom, both channels. It would appear any Linux needs a little 'push' here and there.
  4. Red Hat, oops, I mean Fedora still sucks...

    Correction...I updated all INSTALLED packages (after installing glx for the nvidia driver to work) in apt-get before the sound started to co-operate. I have the master at 100%, PCM at about 65%, mono down and muted and both 3D's are off. The startup sound file is choppy but after that the system and media sounds are fine (haven't tried the cdrom audio yet). Tip: restore the Kmix window, click settings, configure Kmix, check restore volumes on login, apply, ok (I couldn't figure out why they were always going back to bad <--duh). I 'scanned' a couple of forums regarding the nvidia lack of refresh rate but it looks like there is no fix right now. 76Hz is better than 70, serious eye strain begins at 72Hz. Even though the odd program likes to quit for no specific reason (pretty rare), I would take this distro (ProMepis) over Suse any day. Fedora and Mandrake went in my garbage can along time ago so I won't even 'go there'!
  5. Red Hat, oops, I mean Fedora still sucks...

    I found the solution for the 'Sound System' problem. It would appear that some of the settings in ProMepis are not defaulted as they should be (the settings after defaulting are much different than right after a fresh install). All I had to do was click defaults, then apply. I don't friggin' believe it! Didn't even lock up! I think rebooting once in awhile helps too. Linux reminds me of windohs 98, once it gets a hold of memory, it is slow to 'give it up'.
  6. Red Hat, oops, I mean Fedora still sucks...

    I think my search is over. I believe I said in a previous post I was going to try ProMepis again. Well I did a little comparison 'shopping' based on some info from http://distrowatch.com/ and ProMep had the best of most 'worlds'. Latest browser, absolutely fantastic multimedia support (Mplayer in the Firefox browser, Xine for playing files from disk(s) and RealPlayer just in case of a .r** whatever file). Actually Xine played a 'Real' file that RealPlayer refused to...get a load of that! The only real complaint I have is the old Xfree86 x window server(ver. 4.3 I believe). I have the actual nvidia driver installed but can't get a higher refresh rate of 76Hz @ 1024x768. It should go as high as 87Hz for this monitor (Optiquest Q71, Horiz. 30-70, Vert. 50-160). Regardless, open GL is working and the 'fireworks' screensaver is absolutely amazing (after you enable tons more features than what is 'on' by default). The 'just good enough' video is a small price to pay for an excellent free distro with the latest OpenOffice.org (1.1.3). Another small complaint (aimed at KDE) is the system sounds play like hell, sound from other sources like media players are louder, crisp and clear, thats a kanundrum if I have ever 'heard' one. By the way, be careful if your sound is buggy and you adust setting(s) in 'Sound System', Linux locked up on me everytime (the mouse still moved but NOTHING else would respond). I have onboard ESS Allegro (ESS 1988). I haven't tried the printer yet but I am not sure I care because I can hook it up to the wife's 'winbox' if it won't work. Now maybe if somebody would write a cdrw/udf program, my prayers would be answered. In the mean time, I think I am ready to jump ship, the (pirate skippered) S.S. Micro$cam. Did I mention ProMepis has Deb/apt-get? No? Well it does, hey fellow noobs, stay away from RPM distros if you can, bloody scary, I tell ya!
  7. Take Ubuntu for example, there is no 'in your face' pppoe (dsl) setup tool. Open a 'root' terminal window and type "pppoeconf" (without the quotation marks) and then hit the <enter> key. You will see a bunch of questions in a 'text' style interface. I answered yes (by hitting the <enter> key) to everything and had to type in my dsl provider supplied login name and password. I am posting this from Ubuntu 5.04. Really cool distro but I am not too fond of the 'simpleton' gnome desktop. Maybe if you are former 'Apple' user, you might like it but being a Micro$lop sucker up to now, I prefer KDE.
  8. SuSE apt-get dist-upgrade 9.1-9.2

    I did not know you could do that, I must give it a try. Thanks for the tip gentlemen!
  9. Red Hat, oops, I mean Fedora still sucks...

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaack...I just tried Novell Linux Desktop 9 (NLD9). Hmmm...Suse 9.1 without X.org (NLD9 still uses xfree86 4.something) so of course there is no nvidia driver update (mind you, the 'dummy' driver as they call it, works good if you tweak all the right settings but the 3D is slow even though saX says it is not enabled). Get this, NLD9 has RealPlayer 10 which Suse 9.1 does not (why?), Suse 9.1 firefox only goes up to 0.9.something (with yast conflict reports, 0.8.something safe though), NLD9 firefox is 1.0. I guess they (Novell) think office people don't need blazing graphics to do their work and Suse thinks 'home' users don't need the latest and best open source browser or the most recent Realplayer. I smell a scam to get a user hooked, then fed up enough to run out and buy Suse Pro 9.2 (it sounds like 9.2 has the best of both worlds). NO I DON'T HAVE A DVD BURNER, so please, don't even go 'there'. I know Suse offers the dvd iso but not everybody owns a dvd burner yet. This is why I am getting p*ssed at Suse. They are starting to feel a lot like a software giant that I despise. What is with Red Carpet AND Yast in NLD9? They both work (sort of) but close on you with no warning and for no particular reason (very wierd). Red Carpet would lock up if I tried to download the NLD9 documentation (which apparently I had but was showing as 'available'). Conclusion, Suse 9.1 loves my hardware but has crappy software choices, NLD9 has great software on top of older (buggy) Linux. The last you want is your update/installer tool to be buggy, how can you trust it? NLD9 is supposed to be 'enterprise'! I got so tired of re-writing my mbr, I started to put all the grubs on floppies. I am giving ProMepis another kick at the can, then U-bunty-buntu again. If anybody has used/tried Suse 9.2, please tell me if it has the latest firefox (1.somethin'), X.org.whatever, nvidia support AND RealPlayer 10. Who knows, I just might bust my piggy bank and buy the box set. By the way, saX is the best thing since sliced bread! Every distro should be using it! If Suse 9.2 is everything I think it is and runs smooth, it just might be my replacement for windohs. After all, Linux (whatever distro) just keeps getting better everyday so Suse 9.2 would be just fine for now.
  10. multiple page threads

    Boy, that was fast! What service! 5 star all the way! (just kidding, really, you guys are great on this site)
  11. multiple page threads

    Just a suggestion. How about a 'next page' button/link at the top of each of the thread pages. It is a bit of a pain to scroll/drag the page to get to the 'next page' button/link.
  12. Red Hat, oops, I mean Fedora still sucks...

    "Typically, I recommend RH (OK, Fedora), Mandrake, or SuSE for newbies. After that, I recommend they go to a Debian-based distro for a while. Later, they "grow" into Slack, Gentoo, or something similar." You have pretty much, described to a 'T', the path I am on. Since I am somewhat of a fast learner, maybe I should skip the 'Debian' and go straight for Slack or Gentoo. OK, here is a crucial question: which distro (any 'flavour') has the biggest following/support from IT/developers?
  13. Red Hat, oops, I mean Fedora still sucks...

    "Whether or not you feel it may benefit you personally, (which obviously you don't)" Dear Mr. D. Dan: I 'absorb' everything you guys say but what if the first distro I tried was a real stinker? Stick with a stinker? Actually it was, it was Red Hat 9.0 and I hated it. I think it is more like find a 'shoe' that gives you the least blisters and 'run' with it. There, ya see, the best of both worlds. Also, I am quite aware that other noobs will be reading this, that is also part of the exercise, maybe save somebody else the headache of trying practically every distro out there by 'gleaning' distro info from you guys!
  14. Red Hat, oops, I mean Fedora still sucks...

    "I completely agree. The time to start experimenting with other distros is after you've used one a good long while and have gotten very familiar with it. That way you have a good sound foundation from which to size up other distros as better or worse for you against what you've learned." With all due respect, that is like putting the cart before the horse. Which distro do I use for this 'break in' period? Besides, you guys are losing sight of what I am and what I am trying to do which is: I am a windohs user who is somewhat computer savvy (a smidgeon of DOS, 95 up to XPee but using 2k and now some Linux), I am trying to find a 'non-computer-scientist' distro to take the place of windohs, NOT learn the command line in its entirety (some command line, I find, comes with the territory of ANY operating system so it's a given). That being said, Suse would be a lousy 'break in' OS because it is GUI up the wahzoo (besides, they are showing thier true corporate colours which turns me off). I actually like using the command line once in a while from within the GUI, makes me feel a little 'hackerish'. I think a polished Debian based (reasonable functionality of apt-get and widely supported) distro is my best bet. Decent hardware detection/automatic setup helps too.
  15. Red Hat, oops, I mean Fedora still sucks...

    "/dev/hda2 /mnt/windows ntfs defaults,errors=remount-ro 0 1" Tips and tricks are always welcome, thank you. "As long as we're sizing up new distros, I'm coming to you from Slackware 10." I have yet to try Slack', Gentoo, Ubuntu, some of the *oppix's and Damn Small. "ReFoRMaT, your best bet is to simply stick with a distro, any distro" Nah, what 'fun' would that be? If I did that, I would never find that 'comfortable shoe'. Besides some distros find most of my hardware better than others. "the harder it is to get any real "feel" for that distro or Linux in general." They all 'feel' just about the same depending on the kernel because the 'extras' 'satellite' the kernel. Some distros have better incorporation of 'extras' than others. I won't mention any names but some distros are a complete mess like they were assembled by drunks, ugly and disorganized.