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  1. Linux in an AD domain

    From the man page of dhcping: "This command allows the system administrator to check if a remote DHCP is still functioning." That should help you set up a dhcp failover.
  2. Radeon X800 XT PE with Fedora Core 2 x86-64

    You forgot d) Install Fedora Core 3 (test 3) which has a newer X.org release with better Radeon drivers
  3. Fedora C2 cdrecord

    The syntax didn't change, but the device handling in the kernel did. 2.6 has support for IDE writers without SCSI-emulation. Newer versions of cdrecord supports this, that's why you can use dev=/dev/hdc instead of dev=0,0,0. It won't work in Redhat9.
  4. Fedora C2 cdrecord

    Four useless posts. If you want any help (from me) you'll have to supply some information.
  5. Fedora C2 cdrecord

    You now have made three posts, and still I see no explanation of what exactly the problem is. So how can i possibly help you without knowing what's wrong?
  6. Fedora C2 cdrecord

    Small advice; when you want help, please explain the problem properly. That means including the exact command you are using and the full error message. Cdrecord in Fedora 2 works just fine, it's not broken. The manual page should tell you the correct syntax. "man cdrecord"
  7. Direct X on linux??

    I know GNOME 2.8.0 has a hardware browser, depending on your distro/gnome version it might or might not be available. For just a listing of PCI cards, run "/usr/sbin/lspci".
  8. Direct X on linux??

    http://www.libsdl.org is what you're looking for. Games such as Quake3 and all of Loki's titles use it. If you wanna use RPM's you should get them from your distributor, or find some custom made for your distro at http://rpm.pbone.net
  9. ati radeon pciexpress x800se

    If you googled for 5 minutes you would have known that xorg doesn't support x800 in 3D at all, and ATI's own drivers doesn't support PCI express yet.
  10. Originally posted by nosferatu: Quote: Sure, the out-of-the-box Mozilla with FC1 works fine, but you can't upgrade and take advantage of security features or other new features. Not unless you want to put up with crappy fonts. Sure you can, just use a package compiled with XFT support. Mozilla even provides a yum'able repository: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/mozilla/yum/SeaMonkey/releases/current/redhat/1 If no such package was available you could also install the SRPM, edit the spec file and add --enable-xft or whatever.
  11. This isn't a Fedora or Linux problem in general, only a package problem. Obviously his new mozilla is compiled without XFT support, so his fonts aren't anti-aliased. Out of the box Mozilla in Fedora 1 should work fine. FC1 is getting older, better go for FC2, or wait a month and install FC3.
  12. Latest version of Redhat?

    Originally posted by iamroot: Quote: Its RedHat 9.2 for the last in the RedHat Linux line. Now its Fedora Core. Actually, RedHat 9 (Shrike) was the last of the line.
  13. Kernel & Reiserfs

    Originally posted by danleff: Quote: I should have been more clear. Reiserfs 4 is in the YOPER kernel as an option (support). However, if you look at the 2.6.8 changelog, there is a lot of discussion/fixes regarding reiserfs in general. Anyway, some more discussion about reiserfs 4 is noted on the Yoper forum here. Ok, but I'm assuming jimf43 is using the vanilla kernel and not some distributions overly patched kernel. Or? You really should give us some info on your system jimf43.
  14. Kernel & Reiserfs

    Quick question, how exactly did reiserfs "trash" your volumes? Any error messages? Have you tried booting up with a rescue disk and mounting the partitions? Danleff, reiser4 isn't out of beta yet, and it certainly isn't included in the kernel. Look through the changelog yourself: http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/ChangeLog-2.6.8 is just a typo fix for NFS users, are you by any chance an NFS user jimf43?
  15. Kernel & Reiserfs

    As I said, reiserfs ISN'T broken. Please try to act like you're older than 13 in your responses (or perhaps you are that age) if you want any kind of help. If you can prove otherwise, show me some error messages or refer to something relevant. I'm not saying your system isn't broken, I'm just saying reiserfs isn't because I use it everyday on several systems using the same kernel you are referring to. [Edited by trondare on 2004-08-17 12:53:16]