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  1. Video Conversion

    MediaCoder 0.5.1build2720 http://mediacoder.sourceforge.net
  2. Where to optimize network setting?

    those things are found in the /proc filesystem and are adjusted using echo NewValue > parameter_name .. however, you should have very little need to make any adjustments at all. you should find all of the defaults are perfectly suitable for most every terrestrial configuration.
  3. Need Help With Wireless LAN Using SUSE 10.0

    copy the directory with the .inf files -and- all subdirectories (if any) or associated files in the same directory to any convenient place in the linux filesystem. Then run the install utility again.
  4. Verizon DSL slows down P2P after the trial period is over.

    that is easy to fix: do not use ports 6800 to 6999 reconfigure your client appropriately. i use verizon and have never experienced a "slow down" for any reason other than link congestion (or service interruption).
  5. Verizon DSL slows down P2P after the trial period is over.

    i think you are simply saturating your upload/return bandwidth. you should set a reasonable upload rate cap in your p2p app or use NetLimiter to enforce one. "reasonable" == 80% of the maximum tested upload rate. if you do not know your max upload rate, then you may use a link test site like http://broadbandreports.com/stest or http://testmy.net/u_load.php
  6. knoppix under vmware

    you'd have to run "lspci -v" to be able to tell which device has that PCI address. it may or may not be related to your situation. just because you allocated a disk in vmware, it doesn't mean Knoppix will know what to do with it. (unless of course you've also created a filesystem on the 'disk') i don't recall that Knoppix automounts disks even when they contain filesystems it knows how to mount.
  7. Career Advice Appreciated

    what you can expect depends on your proclivities and interests. what real-world experiences have you collected for yourself in the field of InfoSys ? consider offering yourself as an intern (unpaid) to the 'dream company' you may already have in mind.
  8. Has Anyone Heard From blackpage?

    family emergency?
  9. sound recorder for GNU/Linux

    audacity.sourceforge.net has nearly reached the level of sophistication equivalent to CoolEdit Pro
  10. Using directories with password

    read Samba-3 by Example ( <-- click me! ) i'm sure you'll find a section addressing a situation similar to yours. in other words: yes, you can do what you are describing with Samba.
  11. Linux in an AD domain

    http://www.samag.com/documents/sam0414e/ http://www.wlug.org.nz/ActiveDirectorySamba and http://us3.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/ServerType.html#id2540088 Hope that helps!
  12. drivers for USB pen drive

    you should need no driver other than the generic usbstorage module you already have. have you run 'fdisk /dev/sda' to have a look at the device's partition table ? (don't make any changes!) .. in case it's like a zip drive which puts the vfat filesystem on /dev/sda4 ?
  13. Problem in playing midi

    hmm.. i think the /dev/midi interface is a holdover from the days of the OSS sound driver. perhaps you haven't enabled the oss compatibility part of ALSA?
  14. WEP 40 vs WEP64 vs WEP104 & WEP128

    if you're setting up to use TKIP then you're not using WEP, you're using WPA and you're going to need to get and build the wpa_supplicant ..
  15. tested with tux racer (accel required) with simplymepis.