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  1. fedora Core2 Problem

    Hello! I use Mandrake 10 (with some Cooker Packages) and I also have troubles with Nvidia drivers since I've upgraded to X.org All Mesa/OpenGL programs now simply lead to a X server crash, also with gcc 3.4 I can't even re-run the nvidia installer (I have to downgrade to gcc 3.3 for it to complete its setup properly) So I had to choose ... NVidia driver without Mesa, or Mesa without NVidia driver
  2. mplayer problem

    Hi there! Maybe it's set to use the wrong video driver? Please start mplayer without any video, then go to the Preferences/Video section, choose xv driver and close the Preferences dialog... Retry to play the file now.... This usually works for me! I use mandrake 10 (my graphics card is from NVidia) but I've tried Fedora 2 a few weeks ago and Mplayer worked fine See ya! Hope this solves it!