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  1. 1. Load up services.msc and stop the Automatic Updates service. 2. Delete everything in drive:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder 3. Restart Automatic updates service.
  2. Recover a file AFTER recycle bin is emptied

    Try data recovery from http://tokiwa.qee.jp/EN/dr.html
  3. Login as administrator, then take ownership of the old profile directory. Make a copy of the entire directory someplace else eg a seperate disk or USB drive or something. If the user had logged in again, it may have a new name e.g. Username.001 or something, back that up as well Delete the old profile(s), get the user to login again so it will create a fresh profile. Logout and login as administrator, and then copy the documents, desktop items, email and favourites to the new profile.
  4. Goto this site and click on Check system requirements to test your PC: http://thesims2.co.uk/products.view.asp?id=38
  5. I would check the following settings in the web interface: 1. Network 1a. Workgroup/Domain. Make sure the Workgroup name (not a domain) matches the one configured on your PC. On XP, it defaults to XPHOME, on Buffalo it may be WORKGROUP! 1b. Check authentication matches your Workgroup setup (I cannot read settings from manual) 2. Disk Management. 2a. Run a Disk Check on disks to ensure they are ok. 3. Shared Folders. 3a.Make sure a share called 'Share' is set up otherwise you need to configure it again. 3b. In the permissions, make sure all the relevant users have rights to access the share(s). 4. User Management. 4a. There are two users will access by default but you may have added new users. Check them here and if password is wrong, change it here. Make sure users have rights to the share (see above).
  6. The Sims 2 problem, directx (not like any problem)

    Run DXDIAG and Save the information to a file and upload contents here so we can determinie if your PC can play the Sims 2 (otherwise I would stick with Sims 1)
  7. You need either: 1. A discreet graphics card such as ATI or Nvidea card that supports DX 9 functionality. 2. A new laptop with a new graphics chipset e.g. Intel 9xx series or ATI or NVidea 3. Play Sims Deluxe instead of Sims 2 4. On use the tips above by playing the game in a window using the -w option in the shortcut.
  8. High Definition Audio driver help

    TRy this driver: http://www.softwarepatch.com/utilities/intel-high-definition-hd-driver.html
  9. How does backup in MS Word work?

    1. Make sure 'Fast Save is turned off' (although this is mutual exclusive with backup files option) 2. A backup copy is only made when you modify a file and it will save it in the same location as the original document e.g Backup of file.wbk (it basically copies the existing file, and saves the new changes in the doc file) Try turning off the backup option, click apply, and ok. Then open tools, options, turn on the backup option, click apply and ok.
  10. Direct 3D problem in brand new motherboard

    Ik, what graphics card do you have installed? You missed that off your hardware list above?
  11. sims2 directX problem

    Ok. Have you installed DirectX 9.0c yet? Have you updated the drivers for your graphics card or chipset? What graphics card do you have? See Dxdiag or Device Manager to find out. Have you run DXDIAG tool?
  12. coreldraw x4 install win2k, how?

    You have two choices: 1. Upgrade to Windows XP or Vista. 2. Return software and get an older version such as Corel Draw X3 which is w2k compatible: http://www.softwareselect.co.uk/
  13. usb device not recognised

    First place to look is Device Manager (start, run, devmgmt.msc) and see if you get exclamation marks next to any USB devices esp. the Controller or USB Hubs. If you have one then you need to reinstall drivers again for your USB ports using drivers for the motherboard for your PC.
  14. It is -nothing- to do with XP or Vista unless you want to use its built in paint program ie MSPaint. Photo Editor can tile pictures using Window menu, Tile horizontal/vertical. Also try Photo Filtre can open multiple files at once and tile photos (see Window menu). It can open different file types. http://photofiltre.free.fr/download_en.htm
  15. Try driverguide for drivers (you can use XP drivers): http://members.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=709382