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  1. cvs

    Hey, been away from this topic from some time, because I have gone from Fedora Core to Ubuntulinux Anyway, it won't accept my passphrase. I am using the private key I generated with puttygen in windows (the matching public is on the cvs server i wish to connect to). I can't use the same dsa key in linux or what? I gotta generate a new one ? I can do that of course, I would just prefer not to if I can use the one I already have I have tried many times and I'm sure that I write my passphrase correct
  2. cvs

    The Q is simply how to make CVS work with a dsa private key (no password) LinCVS is installed and working just fine on my Fedora Core 3 (/usr/local/LinCVS), but I'm willing to try any other app if you know a better one In windows I used Pageant to hold my private key, but in linux I don't know what to do. Hope this is not unclear still, I don't know a lot about this so maybe I'm talking crazy
  3. cvs

    Hey I have been using (in windows) tortoisecvs which works very nice. I have putty set up and pageant where I've loaded my private key which the cvs server i connect to checks (so no password). So now I want to do something similar using linux, and I don't really know much about this. I've tried for some time but I'm not sure how to get my DSA key to be checked and what not. I've installed LinCVS, but can try something else if someone got suggestions. Id appreciate it if someone could try and give me some steps in order to get this thing set up
  4. too busy cpu

    so what's the best way to control (decrease) cpu and fan speed on notebooks in linux? there are ways to deal with this right? it saves battery and it'll be less noisy ..
  5. too busy cpu

    It has knocked off the 100% now and is running pretty "ok", but shoots up very fast if I try to do anything. It does calm down though so I don't think it's a major problem to use it. I did find the correct BIOS, and so did others, but *everyone* that has tried to flash it get's a black screen and must go down to the 64 mb version to make it work at all. I have tried to flash the correct one several times later also in hopes that AOpen has fixed the problem, but every time the result is the same. I have read in several forums that others are having the same problem and waiting for them to "fix" it. I didn't think my problem was directly related to BIOS though, but perhaps it is.
  6. too busy cpu

    I was messing around with some cpu speed stuff that I found (I wanted to do something similar to "speedswitch xp" which is for windows only). I set cpu to 600mhz or something, and wanted to run it at that level when not doing anything "major" like just having a browser up, gaim and perhaps the terminal and email at max. My whole idea is to get this bastard to shut up so it doesnt make much sound .. ergo low cpu freq, less fan and so on
  7. too busy cpu

    Hey, I'm not sure if I should post this here but .. Im using an AOpen laptop (1557) and linux fedora core 3.. My problem is that the CPU is 100% in use all the time, so the fan is going nonstop. I am not doing jack sh** while this is going on. Right now I only got firefox open to post this and it's at 100% and fan going off and on nonstop .. :\ its a 1,7 ghz with 1gb ram, ati radeon 9700 with 128 mb, although the bios i use is for ati with 64 mb .. the 128 version makes everything go completely black and I gotta use another screen to get back on, so ive got to use the 64 mb version from AOpen I don't really know where to start or anything at all here - anyone know where i can start and so on ?

    I've wanted one of these for a long time Please send an invite to: nielsabel@web.de Would really appreciate it!
  9. irssi

    Hey I'm trying IRSSI as IRC client. All seems to be fine except for one thing: all new messages comes on the bottom line, without the rest scrollingup (meaning i only see the last message, and the rest of the "page" is filled up with the very first stuff, ie users list etc). Example: I enter a room, list of users appears, and people are chatting. Now, I will get the last tell on the bottom all the time right, which is normal. However once someone writes something, the last one disappears as it does not scroll up. I continue to have list of users in the room on the rest of the page, and the messages just stay while they are the most recent one. If I resize the terminal window i will see it however .. I got a standard FE3 install and have not done anything fancy to irssi. I run it in gnome terminal 7.2.3
  10. FE3 and ATI Mobility Radeon 9700

    I don't have a CRT but I tried with theLCD on my desktop and it worked! I did the install process with that one (I think it found radeon 9600 instead of 9700 but frankly I don't care right now), then when I was done I started up normal again and it all seems to work without me even saying anything which screen it is. Kinda weird but I guess it went automaticly, just didn't work during the install for some reason Thanks for the help anyway, for others with the same problem it is definately worth trying - worked for me!
  11. FE3 and ATI Mobility Radeon 9700

    the article you linked to didn't help neither gotta be a way to fix this right ? anything I can do ?
  12. FE3 and ATI Mobility Radeon 9700

    I remember having to use disc 2 installing mandrake on my desktop long time ago. It appears however, that disc 2 of FE3 does not boot on my laptop or desktop. Disc 1 boots on both, works fine on desktop, but on laptop I get to # running /sbin/loader ..then it all goes black and nothing ever happens. I tried installing under "linux text" but that one also goes black
  13. FE3 and ATI Mobility Radeon 9700

    I used the same CDs to install it on my desktop so they are fine. It's an Aopen 1557
  14. Hey, I recently got a laptop with ATI mobility radeon 9700, and want to install fedora core 3. When I try to start the installation process nothing happens - black screen. I suppose it is not suppored ? Any tips as to what I should do, or am I out of luck and must wait ?
  15. restore grub

    Thanks, I found a fast and nice sollution. Im probably not the only one so Ill write down what I did so others can fix it also restore grub fedora core 2 after installing xp - insert installation cd1, reboot and write "linux rescue" and hit enter - mount the installation (done automaticly in FE2 at least, not sure about others. If not just mount it) - # chroot /mnt/sysimage (or wherever it was mounted) - # grub-install /dev/hda - # exit - # exit and its all back to normal