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  1. problems with XMAME

    I have mame32 on my Windows box and xmame on my GNU/Linux box. All my ROMs work fine with mame32. All the audits are passed. However when I move my ROMS over to xmame, all the audits in xmame are failed and none of the ROMs work. What is the problem here?
  2. Anti-Virus on Linux

    I would recommend clamav. Libre and it works great as well.
  3. Half Life 2 & Counter Strike Source

    You might want to invest in Cedega (www.transgaming.com) if you're serious about gaming on GNU/Linux. Cedega is a non-free software which replicates the D3D APIs so many Windows apps will run well enough on GNU/Linux. You could also try WINE which is a free software that does roughly the same thing but is somewhat lagging behind in terms of D3D. Note that Cedega is derived from WINE.
  4. The apps should work with the kernel update. The problem might be caused by other updates.
  5. I've just installed openSUSE and discovered that there's a problem with the display. It won't display in full-screen and there are gaps on each side of the display. I'm using a Benq FP751 at 1024x768 resolution. Someone tell me I can to fix this?
  6. Teaching Linux in Elementary and High School!

    Maybe you could post your question in english and others can have a go at it? =)
  7. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

    I registered and downloaded but had to cancel the download. It was excrutiatingly slows. Only two mirrors, US and Germany. I'm in Asia.
  8. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

    Yeah. Actually my question was whether SLES9 is based on Suse Linux like RHEL is based on Fedora Core.
  9. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

    Can I get anything other than a "free trial"? I mean, RHEL is based on Fedora right? SLES9 must be based on something?
  10. Can anyone tell me where I can obtain a FREEE copy of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 or any similar alternative? I'm going to sit for the NCLP exam and apparently it's based on this. I want to have some practice with the OS.
  11. getting X in Debian Sarge

    Okay. Thanks guys...
  12. getting X in Debian Sarge

    I've just got a Debian Sarge network install disc and successfully installed the disc. However, the install doesn't consist of X and any windows manager. Can anyone tell me the names of the X packages and GNOME or KDE so I can manually download and install them throught APT?
  13. Uninstall Red Hat enterprise Linux WS

    Uninstall? Well, a quick way would be to just delete the partitions on your hard disk.
  14. resizing LVM partitions

  15. Did u burn the disk correctly? Did you run the linux mediacheck test ?