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  1. E17 of Elive livdCD

    I'm not sure if many of you have ever heard the desktop manager E17, but for those of you who are new to the linux community and are acquainted with KDE or Gnome only, I would definitely recommend looking into this DM. The developers of E17 have released a new liveCD (Elive), which comes with two window managers: E16 (stable version) and E17. This new liveCD gives you the chance to test this window manager and the option to install it to your hard drive if you'd desire so. Here's a Review that I found on Elive, which also includes screenshots of E17.
  2. C programming in Fedora Core

    IDE? You mean like Kedit, kwrite, Gedit, or GVim. That's why I use for writing my programs in C, then from the terminal window I use either cc or make. Linux makes thing very simple for me.
  3. BT Voyager 205 ADSL Router? <----You mean BT Voyager 205 ADSL MODEM, right? Well, I just checked the web and I think you might be right. It is a router. I'm not so much familiar with that brand, but it shouldn't matter. How's you network setup? Internet (dsl/cable) -> Cable/dsl modem -> Router -> Computer? If it's setup as the last line above, then are you dual booting? Meaning that if you booting windows and Linux in the same box. If you are dual booting, and since some routers are made to be configured with windows, then I would boot your computer under windows first and reconfigure it from there. Once configured then the router doesn't care what operating system you are using and it will give internet access to as many as it can support. However, if you're doing this with Linux because it is your only choice then there are different apps that you could also use to configure your router under linux. I haven't configured a router under linux in a while, but I know you can also do it through telnet if your router supports telnet. You would open a terminal window (konsole, eterm, etc.) and telnet to (usually, which is your router). Once there you would give enter the information for your ISP's DNS, IP's, etc. Here check out this link for more info.
  4. Glad I could help. title Windoz (<-you know this line can be Windows, right? ) rootnoverify (hd0,0) chainloader +1 I'm sure you know.
  5. mmmm drivers

    Do you have a liveCD for it? If so boot it up and see if you get the resolution you feel happy with. If so, then you can probably paste the XF86Config-4 file onto your current partition that has your current Linux running (/etc/x11/xf86config-4) If this doesn't work, you have tell your distro the kind of monitor that you are using. I'm not sure if Debian has it in its OS control center, where you tell it the brand of monitor with its right vertical and horizontal frequencies, but if there's way that you know, than that's what you have to do. Otherwise, open up your XF86config-4 and XF86Config-4.in files with root priveleges and scroll down to the monitor and screen section and make sure your monitor is listed there with its right horizontal and vertical frequency ranges as well the resolutions supported by your monitor. You already looked in the KDE control center right? Under peripherals ->display and see if you are able to select the different resoltions. You could also tried a program called xvidtune. Type it up on the konsole and if you are sure don't have it, then install through apt-get. Xvidtune lets you configure your monitor through a gui.
  6. Music CD

    Did you mount the cd before trying to play it with kscd? Right click in the cd-rom that has your music cd inside and select mount.
  7. You should've initially said to install Grub to the MBR, but that's OK. Don't worry it's just a matter of telling grub where windows is and adding it to the grub file. Could you post your grub file. I was using FC3 last year and I think I was using Lilo, but when you open up the grub file, you'll see there that FC3 option is listed there with its approprite kernel number, so you have to add windows there. I can't remember the exact lines, but let's first start with how your Grub looks like right now. Edited: Ok, It should look something like this: title Windoz rootnoverify (hd1,0) chainloader +1 <hd1> is the partion where your Windows is installed, so make sure you put the correct one in there. Read This thread for more info on a similar problem with Fedora and Grub.
  8. Accessing IE-only sites in GNU/Linux

    All I can say is that the Web Admin sucks! "When FF becomes more popular!" What a joke...it is already popular. I think he's just lazy. Did also tried it with Opera? My suggestion is to use wine-tools to install IE. I think there's a script flying around on the net that will let you install IE for you (look for wine-tools or utilies, something like that). You can always use crossover x, or even Win4Lin who give you a free 30 trial, other than that you're going to have to keep spamming the web admin begging him/her for compatibilty with FF and eventually s/he will feel the pressure. Since it is a school go up the chain of command, meaning to talk with whoever is in charge of the web admin and if they do not complied with your request you can always write a column in their school newspaper (if they have one). That will put them on the spot, and you can explain why many people are so paranoid to use IE...well, good luck with the drama, and I love to hear what happened in the end...remember that there's a webolution out there!
  9. Access Denied

    Can't you also add yourself to the Sudoers list in /etc/sudoers and add the following line at the end (and of course you have to edit this file as root): <username> ALL=NOPASSWD This way it won't ever ask you for the root password again, but I think you can also do it for that specific folder or file as well if you are worried about your security: <username> ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/share/wallpapers/
  10. You can test the linux desktop online

    I guess it is back online. I found it to be just as fast as Terminal Server or VNC. Got a shot here.
  11. problems with HP a220n/monitor and Knoppix....

    Have you tried looking into other forums? Sometimes if I can't get an answer in a forum, I will post it in another one. Hang in there man. www.linuxquestions.org www.mepislovers.org Let us know if you succeeded. I love to hear what was the problem.
  12. Kmail and Thunderbird Won't Display Graphics

    Kmail and Thunderbird should both display inline graphics in your email if sent as attachment. I use Mepis and Thunderbird and never had this problem. -Have you made sure Thunderbird is upgraded to the latest version? -How are you forwarding your emails or messages, as atachments or inline? -How about sending messages as plain text or html, try send as plain and html at the same time. Have you tried evolution? This email client is similar to outlook, but I'm sure tht the problem that youre having has to do with something with your settings to be able to display graphics in your emails. Maybe it is blocking the images by default.
  13. problems with HP a220n/monitor and Knoppix....

    You know this is very odd. Is your PCs power unit one of those that it is supposed to interact with the OS. That can't be it. Power units jut provide power and that's about it. I'm puzzled to what could trigger your PC go into stand by mode. What do you think Danleff? Hopefully the other guys in here will come up with a better solution for you.
  14. You can test the linux desktop online

    I was just trying to test it again, but I got message saying that too many users online, to try again later. Screentshots look cool. I guess it's a neat way for new users to see at least what Linux looks like.
  15. You can now test the Linux operating system and desktop environment. It's as easy as ABC. Simply click on "Start Linux". In a separate window, a complete Linux system will start on your PC, without requiring an installation. Read more here. ------------------------------------ Personally I haven't succeeded at testing it out, but apperantly anyone can.