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  1. Unable To Scan With HP PSC 1401 and SUSE 10.0

    Those names would be fine. It really doesn't matter what editor you use. Kate, Gedit will do. You will have to run as root so you could put, kdesu before the command so it will ask for root password.
  2. Unable To Scan With HP PSC 1401 and SUSE 10.0

    I don't know what it is, but I'm sure there is a way to include code into what I posted above to shutdown ptal-init and xsane when you exit out of, "scannerstart." If you were going to create another shell script to shut it down, you would leave off the xsane part. Sure whish I knew more about shell scripts. I never seem to be able to find the time to study up on it though... Dapper
  3. Unable To Scan With HP PSC 1401 and SUSE 10.0

    I'm certainly no shell script guru, but maybe something like this would work... #!/bin/bash /usr/sbin/ptal-init start | xsane You could put it in your home directory and call it scannerstart. Make an icon on your desktop with the command: [code]sh scannerstart. ...or some such thing. Just an idea...
  4. Login as su on suse 10.0

    Installing java can be a real pain if you've never done it. If you need help with it just whistle!
  5. Unable To Scan With HP PSC 1401 and SUSE 10.0

    Originally posted by zenarcher: Quote: Well, I THOUGHT I had the problem resolved! Now, once /usr/sbin/ptal-init start is run, SANE finds the scanner and it works great. BUT, then, I cannot print. In order to print, I have to run /usr/sbin/ptal-init stop after which I can print, but not scan. Both have to be run in a terminal as "su" I can live with that, since most of the time I am only printing and can start ptal when I want to scan, then stop it when I'm finished, if there is no solution. Regards, zenarcher I'm pretty sure danleff has this very same problem with his printer/scanner. You have to stop sane in order to print and so on. Luckily enough, ours doesn't have this annoyance. At any rate, you're scanning and that's good news!
  6. Unable To Scan With HP PSC 1401 and SUSE 10.0

    Sorry, I can't rmember which distro you use. Is it Fedora? In SuSE, Fedora, Mandriva, You can go into the "services" editor and tell ptal-init to start at start up. In Fedora that would be: Code: system-config-services In SuSE it would be in Yast. In Mandriva, it would be in the Mandriva control center. I'm using Slackware so I'd likely just put the command in /etc/rc.d/rc.local If I were going to use the scanner a lot. If I used it only occaisionally, (which is what I do) I'd likely just start it up when I needed it. Strangely enough, I had to scan 12 pages for a friend tonight. We use a HP officejet v40xi, and it scans and copies perfectly. As a tip, Gthumb is a really good utility to scale, crop and convert images with. A lot easier to do than with Gimp. With Gthumb you do one, then click "next" and do the next one. I'm glad you got it working! Scanner are a real pain the first time around!
  7. Unable To Scan With HP PSC 1401 and SUSE 10.0

    Hi Zenarcher, The only thing I can think of is, is the hpoj package installed? After running the ptal-init setup, did you try to get it going with xsane?
  8. swap usage

    Thanks for the tip daneff! My OO flies now!
  9. swap usage

    Star Office is a hog, no doubt about it. Back when I was using Mandrake 9.0, I'd click on it, go do something else and come back!
  10. swap usage

    Yes, beyond a certain point in on board RAM, a swap will actually slow you down. Unless you are using some huge memory hog app, having no swap with RAM greater than 512 will in most cases increase your performance. In my opinion, with anything over 512 RAM, a swap space becomes unnecessary.
  11. Secure File Deletion

    Originally posted by zenarcher: Quote: You learn paranoia can be very, very healthy. Paranoid people make the best drivers and live longer generally... Quote: Without getting particularly political, I'll just say I don't have any more confidence in this government than I had in several others where I've lived and worked. I'll go you one further. I have NO confidence in the Federal government whatsoever. It doesn't matter which party is in office, by and large, they're gonna do everything in their power to make you life as complicated, and as miserable as they can. Quote: Incidentally, I can related to your radio station concerns. I worked in many of them over the years, before the advent of computers and still, the people working there can give you an ulcer! As you know, radio is like no other business. One good thing about it though, it's almost as if computers were specifically designed for the broadcast industry. There are so many ways they are useful from on-air automation systems right down to the business office. We run five computers all networked on a wired LAN. Three boxes run Fedora, one runs DOS and the other runs the Evil OS.
  12. Secure File Deletion

    Hi zenarcher, A while back, I caught an employee downloading obscene images on our control room computer. He swears it wasn't him, but it was easy enough to hang him, in that the history on the browser showed the images were downloaded while he was in the control room at our radio station. I fired him for it. I was, and am, concerned that if this happens again, there may be left over images of god knows what on that computer. What if the authorities do a sting operation of some sort, and there I am left holding the bag with pictures of naked underage girls on my computer! I don't know for a fact that this is what he was downloading, but what if he was!! This does concern me... I wish I knew if I clean out the picture cache in the browser if that is all that is needed, or are those images floating around somewhere else on my hard drive. I know in Windows, they are. In Linux? I just don't know. I've looked for answers to this, but unfortunately, I've come up empty... Not insinuating this is what you are wanting to eliminate. Just thought I'd share with you the concerns I have about this as well.
  13. DSL on Lexar Jumpdrive

    danleff has championed Puppy for a long time, and after playing around with it, I have to agree... Puppy rocks! They are doing a lot of very interesting things over there...
  14. post a pic of your cube/desk/workspace

    ...as compared to what?
  15. Looking for a Laptop Recommendation...

    The screen on our Toshiba went blank after just one year, (right when the warranty ran out... planned obsolescence...) I can't recommend Toshiba anymore...