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  1. Gentoo install

    installing becomes a pain when it comes time to partition if you want to preserve the current distro it is a little hassle, if youdon't it becomes hell
  2. Gentoo install

    First of all, i would suggest installing from knoppix or morphix (morphix is cool) because its simple to install from a bootable CD. (installing from a distro thats on the harddrive can be a pain)
  3. Gentoo 2CD LiveCD installation.

    what i'm useing knoppix for is installing gentoo, i decided that i would make a temporary install of knoppix on my harddrive and gave it a 2.8 GB LVM partition which i can easily swipe when i'm done installing gentoo. speaking of which does anyone know how to setup grub in knoppix???? or should i just install grub through chrooted gentoo base install and set it up to boo tknoppix that way, them when i'm done i can add the gentoo entries, does anyone know if that would work?
  4. Gentoo install

    Quote: You can if you do the complete stage 3 + GRP (Gentoo Reference Platform) but really, it's not worth it. If you're going to install Gentoo do the Stage 1 install. it'll take a while but you'll develop a better appreciation for what Gentoo is all about, learn a fair bit about Linux and get the satisfaction of knowing the system you're using at the end was built with your own hands to your needs and not to encompass the needs of millions of people. i agree, my first gentoo install was a stage 3 install. afterword i swiped it and did a stage 1 install and i liked it alot better (much faster on my system) right now i'm doing yet another stage 1 install because i screwed up my hard drive with fdisk (deleted the wrong partition then saved, instead of getting rid of an extra storage partition i killed /usr ) while a stage 3 or stage 3 + GRP install is faster the time you save is not (in my opinion) worth what you lose by not installing with stage 1 or at least stage 2 however there are many people who have a stage 3 +GRP install and are just fine with it. also after you complete a stage 1 install you have a high chance of becoming infected with the "Gentoo Experiance"
  5. Gentoo 2CD LiveCD installation.

    i recomend installing with knoppix over the x86 live cd's (but that's just what i prefer) i screwed up my install with fdisk so right now i'm doing a stage-1 install with knoppix because setting up a dial-up connection is ALOT easier (KPPP) also you have fully functional system while you install so you can still check your email, do your homework play a few kde games while your systems compiles (which is VERY long in my case with dial-up) it also helps to be able to see a konsole window and the install documentation side by side
  6. How many distro's have you tried????

    i'm a junior at portage central high school
  7. How many distro's have you tried????

    lets see.... i started with mandrake used that for a few versions then i used SuSE 8.2 pro for almost 2 years (before i took suse off i had 421 days of uptime) then i tried redhat for about 2 days, didn't like it to much and now i'm currently run Gentoo 1.4, because gentoo is faster also somewhere in there i ran Slack and knoppix (knoppix only lasted about two days, i didn't like it-- it was too simplistic and it looked too much like windows to start out with. which it was designed to do but i didn't like it well i have to get to class.
  8. Need help picking parts for Linux compatible desktop

    i'm recently switched from SuSE 8.2 pro to gentoo and i like it, portage is sweet i also like how fast it is, i don't know about its speed vs slackware My first install i just used the gaming sources but after a couple of days i went back and compiled my own kernel one downpoint i found is that it uses nano for the default text editor but that is easy to change also don't expect to have a quick install especially if you have dialup (it took me a little over two week of download time from a stage 2 install) but you can get it installed in one day if you do a stage 3 GRP install
  9. digital camera + sound card

    whats so wonderful about linux is that you can make anything work with enough work. right now i'm trying to get me SiS integrated sound working in gentoo
  10. Debian or gentoo?

    i know the modem works i jsut have having trouble getting it to work in the install so i resorted to a stage3 GRP install and i'm going to get my modem working after i have the rest of my system working
  11. words of a scared man

    hey check this out apaerently steve ballmer is scared of linux and is admiting it it seems strange how he at first says linux is a major threat and a few lines down say that linux is only "good enough"
  12. How do you install UT2003 mutators and skins?

    ok, what does ^^^^^that have to do whith this thread? if you want to talk to one person specifically you should try a private message
  13. Why are you running Linux?

    alot of things in windows just don't add up, literatry (ok i know thats spelled wrong. can you even tell what word it is?) like when you have a 40 gig harddrive (it even showed up as a 40 gig drive in windows) and there is 23 gigs free and 8 gigs used Where did the other 9 gigs go? (this happend to me with win xp a while ago, when i got my computer i ran dual boot win xp and mandrake each having a 40 gig hd to themselves, windows i'm proud to say hasn't touched my computer for over a year and a half) also in other ways, earlier in this thread i was talking about one of my teachers computer. one of the schools "tech people" as almost everyone calls them added ram to the computer, and when it booted up the cdrom drive worked just fine. THATS ALL HE DID, ADD MEMORY i watched him do it. Before that it thought that the cdrom was either a floppy or a corrupted cdrom drive HOW WOULD ADDING MEMORY FIX THAT? ;( ? and that is one of the hundreds of reasons why i try as hard as i can to avoid anything made by or made in part by microsoft. if anyone has learned anything by my ravings it should be this: windows runs about as well as an 80 year old drunk man in a 1000 meter dash i'm not done yet, only tired
  14. This forum is deader than roadkill

    ehhhhh its speeding up (since i joined)
  15. Why are you running Linux?

    i like how in linux you can place things where you want and they work do that with windows and you can make it crash, and burn.